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Character Spotlight ~ DiAnn Mills' Ember Farrar & John Timmons

Ember & John

Prolific author, DiAnn Mills returns with another historical romance and suspense novel in The Fire in Ember. If you have read A Woman Called Sage you will enjoy catching up with John Timmons again!

Over to you, DiAnn:~

Ember Farrar

Brief physical description

Ember Farrar is a young woman with honey-colored hair, large brown eyes, and a small frame.

Think Jessica Alba.

Strengths and weaknesses

Ember has the gift of song, lyrics and composing music. She also has a great capacity to love.

Her weaknesses stem from her brothers‘ bullying. They convinced her that she was worthless, leaving her afraid to trust and lacking in self-confidence.

Quirk (if any)

This is not so much a quirk but something unique about Ember. She’s always composing songs in her head. It helps her cope with life and its challenges.

Your inspiration for the character

For years I had Ember’s story dancing in my head. I could see this young woman, who looked like a boy, facing a hanging. One shot from the hero’s rifle blew a hole right through the rope around her neck.

Ember (Bert) is feisty, compassionate, musically gifted, and a hard worker. No wonder John Timmons fell in love with her!

John Timmons

Brief physical description

John Timmons is medium height, broad shouldered young man. He has thick brown hair and blue eyes.

Think Dale Midkiff

Strengths and weaknesses

John is strong in mind and body. He accepts responsibility like a thirsty man craves water. He’s helped his mother work their ranch and raise his four younger brothers since his teens.

But his strengths feed into his weaknesses. He doesn’t take time for himself and all he knows is work.

Quirk (if any)

Not really - just a workaholic and that’s not a quirk. :)

Your inspiration for the character

I introduced John in A Woman Called Sage. He impressed me then as a young man who could learn from his mistakes. He was a hard worker and determined to better himself. His role as Deputy Sheriff in The Fire in Ember is an extension of his commitment to keep people safe.

Background to the story

Some of the characters in this stand alone novel appeared in A Woman Called Sage. The setting is the same, only a few years later. John Timmons played a role in A Woman Called Sage. In that book, he was a stubborn teen who thought he could bring in a gang of outlaws who’d killed his father. He’s learned a few lessons over the years, but nothing prepared him for Ember.

As always, DiAnn, it is a pleasure to have you visit Relz Reviewz ~ thanks for sharing about your latest characters.

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Oh I can't wait to read this. Diann is one of my favorite authors.

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