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Character Spotlight ~ Julie Klassen's Mariah Aubrey & Matthew Bryant

Mariah & Matthew

Julie Klassen's Austen style romances have been winning readers' hearts everywhere! Her latest has just been released so be sure to grab your copy of The Girl in the Gatehouse.

Enjoy this insight into the girl and the captain:~

Mariah Aubrey

Brief physical description

Mariah is of average height with an upturned nose, fair complexion, brown hair, and amber-brown eyes.

Actor/famous person

Mariah looks like the actress Abbie Cornish as she appeared in the role of Fanny Brawne in the movie Bright Star.

Strengths and weaknesses

Mariah is loyal, creative, and resourceful. One of her weaknesses is her inability to accept forgiveness and to realize her worth in God's eyes.

Quirk (if any)

Mariah talks to herself without realizing it, sometimes mumbling lines of dialogue aloud as she writes.

Quill and Inkwell photo by CG Sheldon on Flickr.

Your inspiration for the character

I was inspired by Jane Austen in two ways. First: Mariah Aubrey is a secret author, as Jane Austen was during her lifetime. Second: I found myself thinking about one of Austen's characters in Mansfield Park. Maria Bertram causes a scandal and is sent away with only one companion to “an establishment being formed for them in another country--remote and private.” In Mansfield Park, we do not admire vain and adulterous Maria (pronounced “Mariah” in Jane Austen's day) and most readers likely feel she earned her just deserts. But I found myself wondering, what if Maria were a character we actually cared about? Would we be content to leave her in her lonely exile? Personally, I am thankful for forgiveness and second chances in life, so I enjoyed giving Mariah Aubrey a second chance as well.

Captain Matthew Bryant

Brief physical description

Captain Bryant is tall, with an athletic build, wavy dark hair, straight nose, and brown eyes.

Actor/famous person

Captain Matthew Bryant resembles actor Ioan Gruffudd in the Horatio Hornblower movies.

Strengths and weaknesses

Captain Bryant is kind, assumes the best about people, and is a generous friend. His weakness would be his pride--his stubborn determination to “win” and prove himself worthy at any cost.

Quirk (if any)

The captain is afraid of his own horse. Having spent the majority of his life aboard ships, he is not accustomed to the animals.

Your inspiration for the character

One of my favorite Austen heroes, Captain Wentworth of Persuasion, inspired the background of Captain Bryant--along with a dash of Forester's Horatio Hornblower mixed in for good measure.

Background to the story

The Girl in the Gatehouse is about a young woman sent away from home after a scandal. Mariah Aubrey lives in an abandoned gatehouse on a distant relative's estate, where she supports herself and her loyal servant by writing novels in secret. Her plan to live quietly goes according to plan, until a wealthy and ambitious naval captain leases the estate. Captain Bryant is intrigued by the beautiful girl in the gatehouse, but he fights the attraction because he is determined to win back the woman who rejected him before he made his fortune. Will Captain Bryant risk his plans--and his heart--for a woman shadowed by scandal?

Thanks for sharing with us, Julie ~ always delightful to have you visit!

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Deborah said...

Truth be told, I kept picturing Rupert Penry Jones as Capt. Wenworth in the new Persuasion as Capt. Bryant but Horatio Hornblower is just as good!!!

Scrappy quilter said...

I haven't read the book yet, however Julie is at the top of my favorites list. Can't wait until I get the book.

Julie Klassen said...

Deborah, I like Rupert Penry Jones as Capt. Wentworth as well! I had him in mind as I wrote The Silent Governess!! Thanks for reading...and commenting!

Ann Shorey said...

I just finished reading The Girl in the Gatehouse this past weekend. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your vision for the characters.
(I really enjoyed Martin. Lots of surprises there.)

Ausjenny said...

I saw Ioan Gruffudd and made me want to know more about this book. (I am a huge hornblower and Ioan fan)

Julie Klassen said...

Thanks Ann, glad to hear you enjoyed the book! And yes, I really loved Martin as well.

Jen said...

Looking forward to reading this soon. Can I borrow please Rel?

Sylvia said...

I am so glad to see these pictures, Julie. I own this book and all the rest of yours except the first one. That's on my list to buy. I have enjoyed these character spotlights because I like to know what the people look like about whom I am reading. The other books except book one have these. Do you have any people chosen for "Lady of Milkweed Manor"?

Carla Gade said...

I love hearing about and seeing the inspiration for this story. It is a wonderful novel! I can picture Ioan as Capt. Bryant, but I kept picturing Richard Armitage. I picture all heroes like him...sorry its my own character flaw!

Rel said...

Do not fear, Carla, I think that is a character flaw we both share ;-)

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