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Character Spotlight ~ Julie Klassen's Olivia Keene & Edward Bradley

Today the spotlight shines on.....................Olivia Keene & Lord Edward Bradley

Julie Klassen's third historical romance is the perfect gift for Christmas and is available now. I read historical romances sparingly but Julie's books are always on my 'must read' list so I was delighted that Julie was willing to share the background to Olivia and Edward ~ enjoy!

Brief physical description: Heroine

Olivia Keene is a slight young woman with an oval, fair face, dark curly hair, and blue eyes. She looks something like Samantha Morton in Jane Eyre, but with the dark hair and bright blue eyes of actress Alexis Bledel.

Strengths and weaknesses

Olivia is a clever, educated young woman who longs to be a teacher at a time when female education was not valued. She has a difficult time believing God loves her, because she tends to view her heavenly father as she does her earthly father: wrathful and unforgiving, rather than merciful and unconditionally loving.

Quirk (if any)

Olivia is a genius with numbers. Given a complex arithmetic problem, she “sees” the solution as though on a slate in her mind. Wouldn’t that have been nice back in school!

Your inspiration for the character

I think I have wanted to write about a governess ever since my sixth-grade teacher read Jane Eyre to us. My own depiction of a 19th-century governess was also inspired by my research, especially journals of real-life governesses of the day.

Brief physical description: Hero

Edward Stanton Bradley, Lord Bradley, is tall and athletic with blond hair and pale blue eyes.

Strengths and weaknesses

He is intelligent, capable, and responsible. But he is also proud and rather haughty. When Miss Keene overhears a secret that threatens to rip apart his life and his very identity, his sense of self-preservation leads him to treat her with suspicion. Can he overcome his pride and doubt and learn to trust her?

Quirk (if any)

Though an earl’s son, Edward likes to build things. He also grew up in fear of his father’s old gamekeeper. And, illogically, fears him yet.

Your inspiration for the character

For my inspiration for Edward Stanton Bradley, you need look no further than Rupert-Penry Jones. Sigh. Think I’ll go watch Persuasion again…

Background to the story

The Silent Governess is my third, stand-alone novel set in “Jane-Austen-Era” England. It’s about Olivia Keene, a young woman fleeing her home. She stumbles onto an estate and overhears a dangerous secret. The lord of the manor compels her to accept a position there, so he can make certain she does not spread what she heard.

Keeping an eye on Olivia as she cares for the children, Lord Bradley finds himself drawn to her, even though he doesn’t trust her. The clever Miss Keene is definitely hiding something.

Loved this insight, Julie ~ so looking forward to reading this one :)

After a short Christmas break, my character spotlights will return with Colleen Coble's Addie Sullivan from her newest release, The Lightkeeper's Daughter.

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Julie Klassen said...

The spotlight looks great, Rel. I love the photos you chose! Thank you and Merry Christmas.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I cannot wait !!

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