Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Potluck Club Cookbook by Linda Evans Shepherd & Eva Marie Everson

You may recall my good friend Tracy reviewed this book at Relz Reviewz back in September. When the chance arose for me to review it, I jumped at the opportunity given Tracy's glowing praise and having now read and tried some of the recipes I have to agree with her :)

If you have been reading Christian Fiction long enough, you will have stumbled across novels that include a recipe or two as an added bonus to your reading pleasure, some concoction one of the characters has successfully or unsuccessfully cooked as part of the story! The Potluck Club series and the follow on series, the Potluck Catering Club, co authored by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson are novels well known for a tasty recipe or two. No doubt following from some positive feedback (pardon the pun) the authors have taken a further step and released a companion cookbook to their series, simply titled The Potluck Club Cookbook.

With the tag line, "Easy recipes to enjoy with family and friends", I succumbed to the simple pleasure of reading a cookbook from cover to cover! Recipes with minimal ingredients, most to be found in any well rounded pantry, with easy to follow instructions range from crock pot gems, salads, breads and desserts to vegie dishes, breakfasts, mains and casseroles, all seemingly tasty and simple. As an Australian, I was intrigued by certain ingredients ~ liquid smoke, Karo syrup, Cool Whip and Cheese Whiz ~ and the required use of cake mix in many recipes. Thankfully, a metric conversion guide at the back of the book put weights into perspective and I turned my hand to cooking! I can recommend the Sloppy Joes from a Crock-Pot (minus the crock-pot - I used my fry pan on the stove top) although I learned quickly how hot Chili Sauce can be and the Chicken Cacciatore worked well in my oven and was so very easy. I have my eye on the Old-fashioned Corn Bread and Eva's Mango Salad next!

Eva Marie and Linda add personal comments to each recipe, which were often fun or informative. The Potluck Club Cookbook is a perfect addition to any kitchen with simple, down to earth American style cooking and would make a perfect gift for any busy household.

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Tracy said...

LOL. I love that we've tried the same recipes from that book! Sloppy Joes have made it onto my menu plan quite regularly and are now our 'first night camping' meal. I was eyeing the corn bread too.

Jenny said...

I picked this up for my mom for Christmas (she loves all the Potluck Club stuff), but I think I need to get a copy for myself.

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