Friday, 9 November 2007

Chloe~Anne's review of Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

Scotty Dawn travels from movie set to movie set with her mum Charley. She gets to do what every other teenager would dream of doing, travel around, meet celebrities and the freedom to do what ever she wants when she wants. But Scotty’s life isn’t always positive she doesn’t get to attend a normal school and has no teenage friends, actually the only friends that she does have are all the other travellers and the people from her internet blog.

Scotty is really suspicious that something is wrong when Charley starts getting secret phone calls. Are they being followed? Does this have something to do with who Scotty’s father is?

Hollywood Nobody showed me a completely new world. I have never heard of Lisa Samson before but from what I’ve read she is quite a good author. Hollywood Nobody is a book that I think all teenage girls should read because whether or not you live in a caravan, all teenagers have similar troubles like parents, friends and secrets.

I have always thought that all teenagers went to high school and just hung out with their friends on the weekends. This book has shown me that many people live very differently, and yet as teenagers we are very much the same.

Guest reviewer:~ teen Chloe~Anne


fiona said...

Great review, Chloe-Anne!!! Fantastic to see so many new books coming out for Young Adults.

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