Thursday, 22 November 2007

Forever Christmas by Christine Lynxwiler

Publisher's Synopsis:~

Kristianna Harrington always dreamed of a Christmas wedding. But after two broken engagements, she's content to forget romance and run her Christmas shop in Jingle Bells, Arkansas. She thinks her biggest fear is making it down the aisle as maid of honour in her best friend's Christmas wedding, with at least one ex-fiance! looking on. But when her beloved Jingle Bells is threatened, Kristianna struggles to sort through her jumbled feelings concerning the handsome lawyer hired to change the town name and her childhood sweetheart who has returned just in time to come to her aid. Will her heart discover the truth before both her town and her Christmas spirit is extinguished?

My take:~

Christine Lynxwiler brings the joy of the Christmas season to life in this merry tale of a traditional girl struggling to keep her town alive in the face of stiff opposition from the winds of change, stirred up by lawyer Shawn Webber. Her faithful childhood friends, Garrett & Ami, try to be supportive but Ami's in love and Garrett, well, is Garrett!

Forever Christmas is the perfect read to remind you why we celebrate Christmas. Kristianna’s love of all things Christmas will make you smile and her struggle for independence while her parents pressure her to be more “successful” will have you cheering. The romance is sweet, lighthearted and fun with an ending as magical as the twinkling of a Christmas tree.

Check back soon for my interview with Christine ~ her thoughts on writing, her 2008 novels and anything else I might think of!


Ausjenny said...

i saw this book at koorong this week i hope to get it when they have a sale.

Ausjenny said...

I did buy the book. i am reading it at present and really enjoying it

Cee Cee said...

My comment didn't show. I'm currently reading this book as well. I like it, she starts right out the gate with a problem.

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