Tuesday, 13 November 2007

A Fire Within by Kathleen Morgan


Caitlin Campbell has always enjoyed having things her own way as the sister of Niall Campbell, the head of her clan. Her strong will and fiery spirit add to her stubborn determination. However, she is about to discover that things can quickly get out of her control.

Darach MacNaghten's life has been far from easy. He seems doomed to cause pain to every life he touches. Despite being cast out of his own family, he is compelled to try to save them from extinction and restore their name.

Darach and Caitlin find themselves drawn together through circumstances beyond their control. Caitlin must decide between her attraction for this dangerous highlander and her family loyalties. Will Darach's plans lead to a deadly game that neither can afford to lose? Passion, romance, and the rugged Scottish countryside draw you into this tantalizing story.

My take:~

If you love a good Scottish historical romance you can't go past Kathleen Morgan! Each of the These Highland Hills series have descriptions that whisk you away to the Scottish moors and castles, characters that you can adore and despise and romance to knock your socks off! Kathleen's Highland men are men and her women, gutsy and determined. A Fire Within is no exception. Caitlin is fiercely proud and somewhat foolish in the opening scenes so her journey towards maturity and a deeper faith is completely engaging. Darach's brokenness explains his bitterness and self absorption but as he begins to acknowledge his place in God's plan he grows in integrity and compassion. While you know what the outcome will be it remains a lovely tale that ends the series in the same captivating and engaging way it started.

Don't miss Child of the Mist and Wings of Morning for the complete story of the Breadalbane Campbells ~ Niall, Iain and now finally, Caitlin.


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