Thursday, 22 November 2007

The Restorer's Son by Sharon Hinck

Keiran of Braide Wood has always been different. His looks marked as a man of mixed blood, his mother coming from the hated Hazorite clan and forever setting him apart. Banished by the Council, Kieran flees from Lyric and his calling only to find his escape hampered by a strange young man he believes to be a spy.

Susan and Mark find themselves journeying back to the other world of Lyric in search of their son, Jake. Fearing he has been captured by the vengeful Chief Councilmember, Cameron they give little thought to Susan no longer having the special abilities granted to a Restorer and
how vulnerable they are.

When the One confronts Kieran and his fears, a mighty battle ensues, that draws out all his pride, anger, resentment and aggression, leaving him empty and at the mercy of the One, who he has blamed for the suffering and heartache in his life.
Will Kieran seek mercy or surrender his calling and his life?

Sharon Hinck’s first novel in ths Sword of Lyric series was mindboggling in its originality and substance. I am delighted to say The Restorer’s Son is all that and more!

Kieran, the reluctant Restorer with an anguished past, provides the first person voice for most of the story and is a testament to Sharon's talent and insight. Anyone who has struggled with God’s calling on their life will relate to Kieran’s journey. His battle with the One mirrors the Biblical struggle when Jacob wrestles with God - it is the novel's most moving and powerful offering.

Susan and Mark’s return to Lyric is fascinating with the loss of her protective powers yet her mother heart drives her to risk everything to find her boy.
Revelations regarding Tristan, Kendra and other familiar characters add interest, intrigue and some surprises to this exceptional sequel. The hint of a developing relationship and the inspired spiritual nuances has me eagerly awaiting the final instalment in this epic series The Restorer's Journey.

Check out the fabulous cover art but I am a bit nervous about who it depicts!


C.J. Darlington said...

These covers are some of the best I've seen. Ah! I haven't yet read The Restorer's Son but I'm still like you--a little nervous about who's on the cover of The Restorer's Journey!

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