Thursday, 15 November 2007

What Lies Within by Karen Ball

Kyla Justice is a typical firstborn - driven and successful with an overdeveloped sense of responsibility for her younger siblings, Avidan and Annot, yet has an iron fisted control over her emotions, ever since she took on the role of parent as well as sister.

While her construction company is gathering accolades and the ever considerate and comfortable Mason Rawlins wants to marry her, she feels unfulfilled and lost.

Former Force Recon Marine and now coffee barrista, Rafe Murphy is drawn to Kyla Justice, like no other woman but his past and the secret he guards may find him losing the battle for her heart before it even begins.

Forced together to complete a hopeless task of building a youth centre from a run down church amidst violent opposition by an emergent street gang, Kyla and Rafe face a physical and spiritual war that requires both of them to look beyond their self reliance to each other and a God for whom nothing is impossible.

Karen Ball's stories aim straight for the heart and What Lies Within hit the bulls eye! With exceptional character development and masterful suspense, Karen takes you on a journey of heartache and despair to a joyful yet credible conclusion. Kyla's strength and vulnerability creates great pathos and Rafe's charismatic appeal, tempered by the nightmares of his armed combat give him an authenticity I loved. The attraction between Rafe and Kyla is electric and Rafe's longstanding love for Kyla despite their age difference and her failure to recognise him sets this story apart. Yet Karen's talents don't end with engaging characters and perfectly timed suspense. What Lies Within packs a spiritual punch worth pondering ~ there are no easy answers in this world but God's faithfulness never wavers and faith, hope and love can and will change lives.

I encourage you to read Avidan and Annot's stories in Shattered Justice and Kaleidoscope Eyes. I will be reading the Family Honor series, especially What Lies Within, many times over.

Available this month from Multnomah


Anonymous said...

this book is next on my TBR and i am looking forward to it! currently reading Minor Protection Act--have you read that? really interesting!!

Tracy said...

I loved the first two books immensely, so I can't wait to read this next one as well.

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