Monday, 26 November 2007

For Parents Only by Shaunti Feldhahn & Lisa A. Rice and Aussie giveaway!


Shaunti Feldhahn is known for unlocking the mysteries of relationships for men
and women. Now she turns to a parent’s relationship with a child, particularly a child of the opposite sex. Drawing on the results of a nationwide survey of kids and teenagers, she explores questions such as:

  • What do moms need to understand about the “tough and tender” boy who values respect over love?
  • What do dads need to understand about their daughter’s need for affirmation?
  • What are the six biggest pet peeves teens have about their parents?

Understanding the answers to these and other important questions can help parents make the holidays a time of celebration and unity, not strife and friction.

For Parents Only offers a unique look into a child’s mind and frees readers to communicate in healthier ways as they discover that understanding their kids may not be as complicated as they think.

To buy the book from Amazon, click here or from Koorong, click here!

Author Bio:

Shaunti Feldhahn is the author of For Women Only and numerous other books, with sales totaling nearly one million copies. A nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and public speaker, Feldhahn earned her master’s degree at Harvard University. She and her husband, Jeff, have two young children. Lisa A. Rice is the associate editor of Christian Living magazine, the mother of two teenage girls, and a screenwriter and producer.

I haven't had a chance to read this one but I have enjoyed Shaunti's novels and with three daughters, I know I will need this book! I am delighted to have two copies to giveaway! You must meet the following requirements:~

1. Have an Australian mailing addy

2. Be a parent

3. Tell me the your biggest struggle as a parent!!!!

4. Post before midnight on Sunday 2nd December.


Tracy said...

Boy oh boy oh boy do I need this one!!!!

My biggest challenge as a parent? OK, I have a few:
1. The 2nd coming is unlikely to happen in the next 1.5yrs before I have a teenager (I'm having words with God constantly about that ~ He's not listening!)

2. I need to get my head around being the Mum of bigger kids...not tiny little kids.

3. ...the one you really wanted to know about I suspect...Knowing how to handle conflict wisely with a child who has very strong opinions about what she wants out of life. You see, my opinions are equally if not more strong, and we often don't agree. I feel emotionally drained by 7.30am just getting that particular daughter dressed appropriately for school!!!! And we won't mention getting to church and being involved in the music team when I'm feeling really cranky! want to leave room for someone else now don't you!!!! Trust me, I could go on! Are you sorry you asked now?!


Naomi said...

Ok I have an aussie mailing address. I am a parent and my biggest struggle would be fitting everything in that has to be fitted in as well as getting quality time with each child.

angela said...

I have an Aussie address & am a parent of two. My struggle is that I impose my standards, timeframe & the way things need to be done onto my children; because, isn't it obvious my ways the best way???!!!.... right!

Jen said...

I'm not sure what my biggest struggle is with my two but I think I would say it is learning to deal effectively with conflict between parents and children so that everyone feels validated.

nolene said...

I am a parent of two.I guess the one of the biggest challenges is dealing with a headstrong daughter that always knows better than mum!
It would be nice to have a manual that shows how to bring out the best in my children.

fiona said...

My husband and I are the proud parents of five wonderful children ranging in age from 18mths through to 14yrs.

I find the role of parent (though sometimes challenging) incredibly rewarding. So when I had to think about what my biggest struggle would be it took me a long time to come up with something.

But having given it much thought, I think my biggest struggle would be dealing with outside influences!!!! My job is made doubly difficult by the standards and morals of the society in which we live.

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