Thursday, 2 July 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Deborah Vogts' Mattie Evans & Gilbert McCray

Today the spotlight shines on Mattie Evans & Gil McCray

Deborah Vogts has written an endearing debut novel of an injured horse, a devoted veterinarian and a retired quarterback in Snow Melts in Spring. Her book has left me looking forward to the next instalment in her Seasons of the Tallgrass series. I hope you enjoy this look behind the scenes.

Over to you, Deborah:~

Mattie Evans

Brief physical description

5’1”, 105 pounds, fair complexion with freckles, long red curly hair (often worn in loose ponytail or braided), willow green eyes

Think Amy Adams

Strengths and weaknesses

Very stubborn and knows what she wants in life—to the point that she has a difficult time changing course if necessary.

Quirk (if any)


Your inspiration for the character

Completely fictional and made up in my mind.

Background to the story

Mattie is a large/small animal veterinarian trying to establish her business in the rural area of Diamond Springs in Charris County, KS, the heart of the Flint Hills. She loves this land and longs to own her own ranch as her dad once did. When she is called on to save a horse that has been injured in a vehicle accident, she finds herself trying to save the relationship between her good friend, John McCray and his prodigal son, Gil McCray—and ends up falling in love with the latter.

Gilbert “Gil” McCray

Brief physical description

6’2 – 200 pounds, short, curly dark brown hair, steel blue eyes that crinkles when he smiles, cleft in chin. Hunky & handsome.

Think Patrick Dempsey (only taller)

Strengths and weaknesses

Again, stubborn and knows what he wants and is used to getting it. Tends to run away from problems, rather than facing them head-on.

Your inspiration for the character

San Francisco 49er Quarterbacks – Joe Montana and Steve Young

Background to the story

Gil is a retiring quarterback for San Francisco 49er’s and allowed a horrible incident to chase him from his childhood home. When he returns to his father’s ranch after his horse is in an accident, he meets Mattie Evans and ends up falling in love with the beautiful doc. The only problem is that he has no intention of staying in KS on his father’s ranch, and she has no intention of leaving. Gil must confront the problems and fears that chased him away all those years ago and when he does, he then must win Mattie’s heart.

And, to round things off, maybe James Garner as Gil's dad, John McCray (not perfect, but haven’t figured out the perfect actor for John).

Thank you so much, Deborah for your insights into what makes Mattie and Gil tick! Can't wait for more of your stories.

Monday's spotlight is a bit of a mystery! Yet to be completely determined it might toss up a haunted house or a very creative craft :) You will have to check back to find out.....

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Deborah Vogts said...

Thanks for doing the fun "spotlight" on my characters, Rel. Best wishes to you!!!

Katt Scribbles said...

I think the actors hit the spot. James Garner for John would be my choice. Crusty, cantankerious, difficult, handsome, especially to older women. I like them.

Jenny said...

Love James Garner!!

Looking forward to reading this book - it's set in my home state. :)

Mary said...

Snow Melts in Spring is so good, and so true to life in the Flint Hills! Being married to a cowboy, I can really identify with the ranching and horse angles--it's been such a fun read, with endearing characters!

As far as the actors/actresses you chose--my ideas were pretty different! Amy Adams was close, except she needs more freckles! ;O) I didn't picture Gil McRay (btw, I LOVE that name!) as Patrick Dempsey at all! Lol. I do love the cover of your book, and think of Mattie most that way.

This is a great book, and I only have a few chaps left to the end!

Ann Shorey said...

Interesting character choices. Amy Adams is perfect for Mattie, but didn't picture Gil as Patrick Dempsy at all. Guess I read the story with Joe Montana in mind. :-)
Great book, by the way. I loved it.

Deborah Vogts said...

LOL - I have to admit I'm not convinced that Patrick Dempsey is my choice for Gil either. He had dark curly hair. :) When I wrote the story, I had pictures of Joe Montana & Steve Young in front of me, so those two men combined were my real choices. Anyone know of an actor who looks like that???

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