Saturday, 18 July 2009

Through the Fire by Shawn Grady and open giveaway

Firefighting burns in Aidan O'Neill's blood, but his innate gift for reading flames has made him overconfident and sometimes puts lives in danger. When one call goes horribly wrong and a rookie is hurt, Aidan ends up suspended and finds himself questioning everything.

An arsonist is targeting Reno, leaving a scorched path of destruction. The department needs Aidan back, but his return is troubled. The gift he relied on for so long has gone silent and it's as though the fires are coming for him, hunting him down. Teaming with a beguiling fire investigator who may know more than she's saying, Aidan must discover where his trust rests as the flames burn ever closer.

My take:~

Shawn Grady's debut novel oozes authenticity as firefighter Aidan O'Neill fights demons within and without, no doubt as the author has done in his own career as a firefighter and paramedic. Shawn brings his firsthand experience to life with vivid descriptions, non stop action and human angst, creating an enthralling story layered with mystery and faith. Some of the writing is choppy in parts, yet it strangely fits with a firefighter's unpredictable and ever changing day and while I would have enjoyed a longer story, Shawn's first offering is great sign of things to come from this exciting new author.

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Open Giveaway

Thanks to Shawn's generosity, I'm thrilled to offer one of my readers the chance to win a signed and personalised copy of Through the Fire.

To enter, post a comment by Sunday 26th July, 2009 telling me what you most admire about the men and women in your fire departments ~ let's encourage them!


Carmen7351 said...

I admire the fact that our fire department men and women are willing to put their very lives at risk to help those in dangers'way by means of fire, rain, sleet, ice, snow, extreme heat, etc. "There is no greater love than a man/woman lay down their lives for another."

desertroser5173 at gmail dot com

Carmen7351 said...

I admire the fact that our fire department men and women are willing to put their very lives at risk to help those in dangers'way by means of fire whether in rain, sleet, ice, snow, sub-zero temps, extreme heat, etc. "There is no greater love than a man/woman lay down their lives for another."

I made a change in how my previous one was worded.
desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Renee said...

I have to start by saying the cover for this book is INCREDIBLE! I can't wait to read it!

As for firefighters, I live in a small town where the only fire department consists of volunteers. I know most of them and have to say that NOT A ONE would hesitate to help anyone in trouble or in need no matter how large or small the problem. They are volunteers but what they do is priceless in the community. Support your local fire department!


Tracy said...

Days like Black Saturday and the weeks and weeks afterwards leave me quite speechless. It is amazing to me that our CFA volunteers are so willing to put aside their work and fight fires so that we stay safe. Living in a high fire danger area has given me a new appreciation for their sacrifice. They are prepared to put themselves at risk, and their families are willing to let them....for us. They are an incredibly selfless, giving bunch of men (and a few women).

By the way, this book sounds fantastic.

James said...

I really admire the way our firefighters risk their lives everyday to help others. Also how they are willing to take time out to just wave at my kids or talk to them. It really makes a childs day to talk to a firefighter.


mez said...

I appreciate the dedication and courage of firefighters. One of the noblest men I know puts his life on the line for others, as well as boldly sharing the Gospel out of love and concern for where others will spend eternity. Through the Fire sounds fantastic.


southeastcountrywife said...

i appreciate the fact that they are willing to take the risk of putting their lives on the line for the good of society--and i appreciate the wives who can do marriage with such a huge risk clause!!!

NeedANap2 said...

Just that they're willing to sacrifice so much for their job - time away from family (long shifts, etc) but always facing the fact that their job is so dangerous and they might not come home. (Same could be said for policemen and armed forces.)

Bev said...

As the wife of a former firefighter and the mom of a volunteer firefighter I would say that their dedication to helping people and the time they invest in their jobs (24 hr. or more on shifts). They at times wear their hearts on their sleeves. Especially where children come in into a fire or accident. They are their own little family.
Now onto the book. The cover is great and the topic is right up my alley. I would love to read this book. Thank you for the opportunity.
b(dot) werts (at)

Naomi said...

Their dedication and bravery just blows me away.

Plese enter me Rel.

Jen said...

The fact that they willingly put themselves in danger for the sake of strangers, people that they don't know and may never know. I'd love to read this book.

Katherine said...

I really appreciate the fact that firemen and woman are so willing to risk their lives, to save people they don't even know. it really shows how much they love people.
This book looks great!


Anita Yancey said...

I admire how brave they are, and the fact that they are always risking their lives. There is no way I could do what they do. Please enter me in your giveaway. Thanks!


windycindy said...

Hello! My best friend is the secretary of our town's fire department! I hear lots of behind the scenes stories and I really appreciate the bravery and kindness of our firemen/protectors!

Many thanks, Cindi

JenniferB said...

I admire the fact that they put their lives on the line to save other people's lives and they do it with such bravery and dedication.

jaana said...

I have great admiration for the men and women in my fire department, which has only grown after Black Saturday!! They have to work under huge pressure. I'd love to win this book for my daughter who is studying to become a paramedic!

MWLinMadison said...

I admire those women, men who serve in the Fire department because they took a job/volunteered because they love to help others. They endure a lot of emotional and enduring times and they should be thanked around the clock.

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