Friday, 10 July 2009

Friendship Friday ~ What do you value in your close friendships with women?

Amy Wallace

I value two-way honesty and loyalty. The friendships I treasure are ones in which my friends are honest with me and allow me to be honest with them. For example, here's how my best friend handles my calling her to complain: she'll listen, then calmly say, "Amy, you're sinning. If you'd like to go deal with God and then call me back, I'd be happy to help." I need that. I love her honesty and her willingness to point me to God. Her loyalty too because she won't let me keep on sinning. I know she wants the best for me and I do for her. Another of my dearest friends calls me and we share our struggles and frustrations, but we always pray. I can trust her to be honest, loyal in keeping our discussion between us, and always point me to our heavenly Father.

Ransomed Dreams ~ Healing Promises ~ Enduring Justice

Karen Ball

Because those friendships [Christian] are based on a mutual faith in God, they hold a combined sense of safety and accountability. I can be gut wrenchingly honest and know that the response will be full of grace and truth. And that, even in the darkest of times, we will find things to laugh about. Shared pain and shared laughter build a solid foundation for growth and joy, and that's what I've found in my closest friends.

Shattered Justice ~ Kaleidoscope Eyes ~ What Lies Within


Karin said...

I think Amy nailed it with "two-way". I think we've all known those women who drain you (I call them "ticks"). But my truest, dearest friends are the ones who listen and trust me enough to share with me too.

Linda said...

I agree with Karen about it being a two-way relationship of giving and taking. I also appreciate transparency and loyalty.

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