Saturday, 11 July 2009

Maire by Linda Windsor

Maire, Gleannmara's warrior queen, finds her fierce heart is gentled when she takes a reformed mercenary -- a Christian, no less -- as hostage during a raid. At first she wonders what kind of God would make a fine warrior like Rowan of Emerys such a coward. But as she comes to know Rowan and witnesses the force of his beliefs, she learns that meekness and humility to the one true God are stronger than any blade of steel. And in the process, Maire discovers the transforming power of love and faith.

My take:~

Love medieval romance, great storytelling and intriguing characters? Look no further than Linda Windsor's Fires of Gleannmara series, re-released for more readers to discover. Commencing with Maire, Linda enthralls with cultural and historical detail that is second to none. Rowan and Maire are fabulous characters, sparks fly from the first time their swords meet and their lives are entwined in ways neither anticipated. Riveting and dramatic, Maire will leave you sighing with delight and remain on your keeper shelf for years to come.

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(NB. Maire is at a bargain price you won't want to miss!)


Ruth said...

I love this book - the whole series, really. I'm so glad Waterbrook/Multnomah is re-releasing them at such a great price!

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