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Character Spotlight ~ Camy Tang's Naomi Grant

Today the spotlight shines on..........................Natalie Grant

The bubbly Camy Tang has turned her writer's hand to romantic suspense with Deadly Intent and has met with success and this spotlight is part of the blog tour celebrating its release! Check out her character, the determined Naomi Grant, and her very own Mr Knightley (Austen fans will know what this means!).


Brief physical description

Naomi is half Japanese and half Caucasian, so she has very pretty,
slightly exotic features. She has straight, medium brown hair and hazel eyes.

Think Natalie Portman

And the man...Dr Devon Knightley, think Alex O'Loughlin (from Moonlight)

Strengths and weaknesses

Naomi is strong and fearless, but at the same time, her independence has allowed her to trust more in herself than in God. She has rarely ever not been in control of her life, but when she is framed for a client's murder, she is forced to trust in God's hand over everything.

Your inspiration for the character

Naomi has a bit of myself in her, in that she is confident in her work, but insecure when it comes to men. She has liked the hero, Dr. Devon Knightley, for a while, but while he's been friendly, he's never shown active interest in her, and she doesn't have the courage to reach out to him if he doesn't think of her that way.

Background to the story

Naomi's father, Augustus Grant, owns the Joy Luck Life day spa in
Sonoma, California, which caters to some very wealthy and high profile clientele. When Augustus has
a stroke, he puts his middle daughter, Naomi, as acting manager of the spa, in addition to her duties as head massage therapist at the spa. Naomi's aunt Becca Itoh (her mother's sister) has lived with the family since her mother died, and Aunt Becca is the spa hostess.

When the story opens, Dr. Devon Knightley walks into the spa. Naomi knows Devon--she has sat next to him at the ZOE International charity dinner every year for the past 2 or 3 years, and they always get along during the evening, but Devon has never shown more interest in her beyond that. He asks for one of Naomi's clients, glamorous Jessica Ortiz. But in looking through the spa for Jessica, Naomi discovers bloody towels in the women's locker room, and then Jessica's bloody body in her massage therapy room. Jessica dies in her arms.

Thanks for having me, Rel!

An absolute pleasure, Camy :) Looking forward to more suspense from you.

On Monday, I will be spotlighting the inimitable Amanda Bell Brown from Claudia Mair Burney's Amanda Bell Brown mysteries, the latest being Deadly Charm. Can't wait!

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Camy Tang said...

Thanks so much for having me here, Rel!

Anonymous said...

Oh WOW!!! I can't wait to read the book! Thanks for this character spotlight, Rel!


Tracy said...

I HAVE to read this book. This is not just a 'want to someday''s a must.

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