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Character Spotlight ~ Jamie Carie's Scarlett from Love's First Light

Today the spotlight shines on.......... Scarlett of Carcassone

Jamie Carie's passionate and dramatic storytelling is once again of full display in her newest release, Love's First Light. Set in Carcassone, France with the French Revolution still claiming its victims, this daring tale of Scarlett and Christophe is beautiful and very sigh~worthy! Come back for my review and fabulous giveaway next week!

For now, enjoy this look behind the characters of Scarlett & Christophe. Thanks Jamie:~

Brief physical description

Scarlett is a French beauty for sure. When she was born she had red lips and her mother (who is a bit muddle-headed in the story:) wants to name her Cherry. Scarlett is very thankful that her father said, “no, she will be called Scarlett.” Also, this is the first time I’ve opened with a pregnant heroine – that was fun!

Actor/famous person

When I watched the movie “Amazing Grace” I was blown away by the cinematography and gorgeous costumes. I think Scarlett resembles Barbara Spooner played by Romola Garai except Scarlett has dark brown hair. As you know, Rel, the woman on the cover is stunning. I think B&H had a better idea of what she could look like than I did!

And Christophé? I imagined him to look dark and mysterious, like Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli when his hair was longer.

Strengths and weaknesses

After Scarlett’s husband dies, she has to move home from Paris to Carcassonne to have her baby and live with her mother and sister. Scarlett is definitely the person who holds the family together (her father died years ago). She is like so many women I know – a great manager of life’s day to day ups and downs, with a loving, sacrificing heart towards her family. There’s just one catch. As solid as Scarlett is, she has a giant weakness for falling head over heels in love at first sight. She did it with her first husband and regretted it, and now, here she goes doing it again with Christophé (a gorgeous French count/scientist who is running from the government!).

Quirk (if any)

Christophé is one of those scientific genesis that forgets to eat and sleep when in the middle of an experiment or mathematical calculations.

Your inspiration for the character

I love the movie, “A Beautiful Mind” and wanted to do something with a scientific genius. Then, somehow, I ended up in the French Revolution, which added depth and layers to the characters and their dependence on God.

Science is an escape for Christophé. He has to learn to lean more on real people and his Heavenly Father.

Scarlett came about more naturally as the story progressed. I really didn’t know her at first, except that she was pregnant with Christophé’s enemy’s child which brought up the question . . . could Christophe ever forgive enough to love her?

Thanks so much, Jamie ~ another fabulous story in one of history's most fascinating times! Thanks again for sharing with my readers.

Jamie is heading out on a book tour soon so be sure to check her website for details when you can meet her in person!

Next week the spotlight is shining on some Love Inspired Suspense character, starting with debut author, Liz Johnson's Kenzie Thorn and Myles Parsons from The Kidnapping of Kenzie Thorn ~ stay tuned!

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