Thursday, 10 June 2010

Book Trailer for Tessa Afshar's Pearl in the Sand

Pearl in the Sand captured my attention from when I first saw the cover. Can't wait to discover how Tessa Afshar tells this story.

Tracy ~ another Biblical story for us! It might make a good 2011 RBC Book Club selection :)

Please share ~ do you enjoy retellings of Biblical stories? What have been your favourites?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the trailer for Pearl in the Sand, Rel. I loved telling Rahab's story. The Bible tells us that she literally lived in a wall; her house was built into the defensive walls of Jericho. This verse captured my imagination. I saw her as a woman surrounded by other walls as well - walls of fear, of rejection, of unworthiness. Clearly the marriage of such a woman - a Canaanite harlot - to Salmone, who is practically a Jewish aristocrat, is an unusual if not shocking event. What kind of marriage would two such different people have? What obstacles would they face, and how would they overcome them? Needless to say that this aspect of the story is purely fictional. The Bible only tells us that Salmone married Rahab and had a son by her, and that Jesus Himself counts her as one of His ancestors. Think about it: some of Rahab's DNA swam in Jesus' bloodstream!

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