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Character Spotlight ~ Julie Carobini's Gage Mitchell & Callie Dufflay from A Shore Thing

Gage & Callie

Julie always delights with her beach loving novels! Full of fun and romance you can be assured of a perfect beachside escape. Once you get to know Gage and Callie, you'll be even more keen to get your hands on a copy of A Shore Thing.

Over to you, Julie:~

Brief physical description


Chestnut, wavy locks, tan skin, eyes the color of seagrass in the spring. Toned from running, but not overly muscular, height about 5'10”.

Blonde-ish hair with a loose spiral to it. Light skin tone, brown eyes, athletic build. Personality tends toward fiery.


Based on my dog, Charlie. I've attached a photo.
Rel: He's almost as cute as Gage - LOL!

Actor/famous person

Gage: Similar to Simon Baker :) Rel: It's that Aussie charm!

Callie: Similar to the way Carrie Underwood once looked.

Strengths and weaknesses


ths: Easy going temperament--usually. Protective of jilted sister and her young son.

Weaknesses: At times cynical, and can be slow to act on a hunch.


Strengths: Driven, protective, charitable.

Weakness: Acts first, thinks later.

Quirk (if any):


Loves to eat turkey burgers, slathered in mustard, with a roasted green chile
on top.


Tacks inspirational sayings & Scripture all over the walls of her cottage; walks everywhere possible.

Your inspiration for the character

I'm fascinated by my brother, Dan's (Navarro) career as a certified green architect, and I started to think about how his work honors God. I became equally fascinated thinking about how a person in his position could be in direct conflict with someone of the same mind, but who approaches their beliefs in a different way. Enter Callie, an eco-conscious gal who loves God, children, and the open land of Otter Bay. I kept wondering h
ow these two could find 'common ground' and that was the seed for the characters and this story.

Background to the story

In A Shore Thing, Callie Duflay is always involved in a cause…whether it's working with children at a local summer camp, or protecting the environment, or adopting a stray dog she names Moondoggy. But when she learns a developer wants to destroy the last piece of untouched property in her small town of Otter Bay, Callie leads the charge to stop the progress--progress some in her family and community want to see happen.

When she confronts the architect of the plan, Gage Mitchell, about the property, sparks fly and feelings develop between them. Can these two ever set aside their differences and somehow find common ground?

Thanks Julie for sharing ~ I've been waiting for such a long time for someone to pick Simon Baker - appreciate it ;-)

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Cara Putman's Audra Schaeffer & Robert Garfield from her historical romantic suspense, Stars in the Night

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Anonymous said...

Loved the character spotlight - now I have to get the book :)

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