Thursday, 17 June 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Denise Hunter's Jake Walker

Jake Walker

I adore Denise Hunter's Nantucket Love Stories, each one is my favourite - LOL! Driftwood Lane can't arrive in my mailbox soon enough and I'm loving the sound of Jake already.

Grab your copy today and enjoy this insight into Denise's latest fella:~

Brief physical description

Jake Walker has a tall, sturdy build, brown eyes and dark hair. He rides a Harley, and isn't afraid to have a little fun. He's also a competent handyman, fiercely protective, and has a healthy spiritual life.

Strengths and weaknesses

Jake is strong, protective, and confident, but he can also be irritable if projects aren't going his way. Sometimes, his confidence leads him to leap without looking, and that trait can la
nd him in a whole bunch of trouble.

Your inspiration for the character

The protagonist Meridith was my inspiration for Jake. With a woman so concerned for control and safety, I just had to give her a man who was her total opposite. Opposites attract, after all, and what fun when the sparks start flying. :-)

Background to the story

I conceived of the idea for Driftwood Lane on my 40th birthday. My brainstorming buddies and fellow authors, Colleen Coble and Diann Hunt, took me out to eat. Over lunch, they helped me shape a story about Meridith, a safety inspector who inherits a dilapidated Bed & Breakfast and three half-siblings she’s never met. Adding a hero who was her polar opposite was just part of the fun.

I liked the idea of this woman, who is somewhat of a control freak, suddenly coming into a situation over which she has little control. The kids are grieving for their parents in ways she didn't expect,
the family dog Piper has run of the house, and Jake the Handyman rubs her the wrong way. Suddenly, the thing Meridith needs to control most, her heart, has a mind of its own.

Incidentally, the Golden Retriever in the story, Piper, and all her fear issues, were inspired by our family dog Daisy, seen in the photo with our youngest son Trevor.

Denise ~ love having you here again :) Thanks for sharing the picture of Trevor and Daisy ~ gorgeous!

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Anonymous said...

I love her books too and do anything to get my hands on them!!! Just before you put this post up, I saw that Thomas Nelson is offering it. I have to read an entire book and review it before I get cleared to order this one but I'm motivated to see if I can get it done before they pull her book down, lol!

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