Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter

A world of emotional pain leaves Sabrina Kincaid hiding from the world, unwilling to share her true self with those who try to befriend her in beautiful seaside Nantucket. Only willing to reveal her true heart to an online friend who knows her as "Sweetpea", Sabrina is desperate to keep her identity a secret. The problem is Sabrina knows all too well the man she is sharing her soul with online, is the same man she serves every day in the Cobblestone Cafe, a man she loves deeply but can barely talk to, Tucker McCabe.

When Tucker seeks Sabrina out to identify and locate his mysterious "Sweetpea", Sabrina has no choice but to take on the job. The consequences of Tucker discovering the truth behind Sweetpea and the unforgivable secret she guards, are too damaging for Sabrina to contemplate.

Seaside Letters is a story of a soul deep hurt, an unfailing love and is a moving and tender reflection of God's gentle yet persistent beckoning of us into His presence. Denise Hunter writes
with real heart, painting Sabrina's pain so it sears and Tucker's devotion in a way you can feel. The love story is beautifully rendered yet, if you are willing to look a little deeper,
it is the underlying message that will penetrate your heart. Denise deals with the lasting impact of childhood hurts, the paralysing power of fear and the crippling effect of guilt, yet reveals that beauty can indeed rise from the ashes when forgiveness and love is truly grasped. Tucker and Sabrina's story will stay with me for a long, long time.

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Tracy said...

I love stories the best when they linger long and impact you deeply.

Lori (sugarandgrits) said...

I loved this book!! Thanks for sharing!

You can read my review here...


~ Lori

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