Thursday, 1 October 2009

An Eye for An Eye by Irene Hannon

Having a sniper disrupt an unexpected reunion with his teenage sweetheart was the last thing Special Agent Mark Sanders anticipated. For it to happen while he was on enforced leave from his FBI Hostage Rescue Team after his involvement in a tragic shooting, impacts him more than he is willing to admit. Emily Lawson has immersed herself in work over the past five years, with little time for socialising, let alone pursuing a relationship. Mark's sudden reappearance in her life revives tender memories of their summer romance twenty years earlier but her heartbreaking loss in the intervening period, ensures Emily won't open the door to anything more than friendship.

Hidden, meticulous and out for vengeance, a stalker has a victim in mind, but will Mark and the FBI decipher the clues before the killer tries again?

Irene Hannon's decision to turn her rather experienced hand to romantic suspense, is one readers will be ever grateful for. Establishing her credentials in the first Heroes of Quantico novel, Against All Odds, she has left no doubt as to her talent with An Eye for An Eye. You will be hooked from the first chapter with an explosive start, followed by brilliant pacing through the rest of the story with the perfect balance of suspense, action and romance. The stalker and the target remain ambiguous throughout much of the story, providing plenty of engagement for the reader and a well drawn and developed antagonist. The faith element is direct and honest and a key element of the tale. My only disappointment is the long wait until Special Agent Nick Bradley's story, In Harm's Way, releasing in April, 2010!

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