Thursday, 22 October 2009

Character Spotlight ~ Debbie Fuller's Bebe & Rain

Today the spotlight shines on............................Bebe & Rain

Debbie Fuller's latest novel tackles issues many of us face as women, the mother daughter relationship and how female friendships contribute to our lives. Be sure to seek out this story. For now, enjoy this insight into Debbie's characters. Over to you, Debbie:~

Brief physical description

I have two main characters. Bebe is mid-fifties, medium build, freckles, French-braids her unruly hair and her style is casual. Rain is mid-thirties, slender with dark features

and a solemn disposition.

Actor/famous person

If I were casting the movie, Bebe would be Karen Allen, and Rain would be Selma Blair. Also, Jude (Rain’s mother) would be Judy Davis, Toni would be Sigourney Weaver and Mare would be Mia Farrow. It’s like a powder keg when they get together – I love it!

s and weaknesses

Bebe is a nurturer. As a veterinarian, she must resist the urge to bring home every stray that comes through the clinic. As a mother, she worries about her two sons who are just striking out on their own. She put up with a lot from Jude during Rain’s growing up years in order to stay close to Rain, and loves her like a daughter.

Rain is headstrong and focused. She is the kind of person who has one or two close friends rather than a posse. In a group, she is more of a fringe person, and she tends to give in to her mother rather than to challenge her.

Quirk (if any)

Bebe tends to talk more to the animals she treats than to their owners. She loves the color purple and wears it often. Rain deals with the blues by polishing off a carton of Dreyer’s Thin Mint ice cream with a big spoon while watching TV with her cat, Noah.

Your inspiration for the character

The idea for the book and characters came to me after reading a book by Danielle Crittenden titled What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us. It addresses some of the impact of 2nd wave feminism on a younger generation of women in areas like marriage and childbearing. I began to notice more and more young women who wanted to have children and a home, but were unmarried or unattached.

und to the story

Bebe, Toni, Mare and Jude were college roommates in the early 70’s and they all helped to raise Rain amid war protests, feminist rallies and finals. Eventually they went their separate ways, but Bebe felt a particular attachment to Rain and stayed as close as Jude would allow over the years. Now Rain finds herself newly single with a career that doesn’t quite satisfy and a longing for a baby. But the news that Jude’s cancer has returned interrupts their lives and they gather together on a stormy weekend in Monterey to plan a Celebration of Life - one last opportunity to make a difference. Bebe fears that it may be too late to make a difference for Rain.

Thanks Debbie - this one sounds like a fascinating story and I apprecia
te you sharing with us.

On Monday, I will spotlight Kimberly Stuart's Mia Rathburn & Adam from her latest release, Stretch Marks.

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Debbie Fuller Thomas said...

Thanks for shining the spotlight on my favorite gals, Rel. It was great to visit with them again!

C.J. Darlington said...

I'm intrigued!

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