Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Meltdown by Chuck Holton


The global war on terror has reached catastrophic proportions, leading the U.S. Special Operations EOD team-Task Force Valor - to Chernobyl, where ghosts of past disasters are nothing compared to the nuclear nightmare about to unfold.

With CIA Agent Mary "Phoenix" Walker heading her first Special Ops mission and Master Sergeant Bobby Sweeney fighting demons on and off the battlefield, Task Force Valor races to stop a terrorist threat in the Ukraine before Europe is turned into a radioactive wasteland.

But when the terror reaches American shores, the team is powerless to help until they can save themselves. And when they finally track down the source of the chaos, what they find is worse than anything they could have imagined.

My take:~

Chuck Holton’s third Task Force Valor novel continues his tradition of writing high octane military thrillers stamped with authenticity from his years as a US Army Ranger. Chuck chooses unique settings for his novels, this time Chernobyl, Ukraine, and his research trip has provided him with fascinating and sometimes frightening insight. The writing seemed a bit choppy, jumping from one location and character to another, yet I imagine that is what a military operation is like - constantly having to change pace and adjust to circumstances as they happen. Action and danger abound in equal measure as Master Sergeant Bobby Sweeney and CIA Agent Mary Walker work together hoping to prevent a nuclear fallout on US soil.

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Nicole said...

Sounds exciting and real.

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