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Character Spotlight ~ Denise Hunter's Sabrina Kincaid & Tucker McCabe

Today the spotlight shines on.........................Sabrina Kincaid & Tucker McCabe

Denise Hunter's Nantucket Love Stories are brilliant - I have loved each one and will reread them over and over again! Do not miss these books :) I hope you enjoy this insight into Sweetpea and Harbormaster.

Over to you, Denise:~

Brief physical description

Sabrina Kincaid is a willowy brunette, frequently seen wearing a ponytail, especially when she's jogging the streets of Nantucket or waitressing at the
Cobblestone Cafe. She earned her nickname "The Ice Princess" with her business-only approach to life, and only makes herself vulnerable to others when she's hiding safely behind a screen name.

Tucker McCabe is the handsome, blue-eyed owner, of Cap'n Tucker's Water Taxi and frequent customer at the Cobblestone Cafe. Often seen in a ball cap, he's a man who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it. And Sabrina is what he wants. His love for her knows no bounds, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to break through her high walls.

Strengths and weaknesses
Strengths and weaknesses

Sabrina is very independent, capable, and efficient. However, when she messes up, she had difficulty forgiving herself or imagining that others could forgive her. After having her trust betrayed once before, she's afraid to trust again, but Tucker makes it awfully tempting.

Tucker is patience personified. He's willing to wait for Sabrina, as long as it takes, though he's savvy enough to set plans into motion to help her along.

O(if any)
Quirk (if any)

Sabrina is scared to death of bees and subscribes to "Word of the day". She also wears a charm bracelet to remind her to guard her heart.

Tucker pretends to read the newspaper at the cafe every morning, just to be near Sabrina.

Your inspiration for the character

Christ was the inspiration for Tucker. In the entire Nantucket series, the heroes represent Christ and the way he loves us. It's been inspiring to contemplate how vast, complete, patient, and fervent God's love for us is!

Sabrina wasn't a jogger in my first (and third and fourth) draft. During the editing stage, my editor (Ami McConnell) suggested she take up the excercise, and I thought it was a great way to show the reader more of beautiful Nantucket, among other things. Strangely enough, Sabrina didn't even complain. :-)

The charm bracelet was also added during edits and came to be an integral part of who Sabrina is. For the cover art, they couldn't find a usable photo of a charm bracelet, so Thomas Nelson's cover artist Kristen Vasgaard) went to a hobby store, bought all the right charms, assembled it, took a photo, and worked it into the cover art. Amazing!

Thank so much for sharing with us, Denise! I love the way the b
racelet came about :) Bring on book 4!

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Debbie Fuller's Bebe and Rain, from Raising Rain. Do drop by :)

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Denise Hunter said...

Rel, thanks for inviting me over to share about Sabrina and Tucker!

Jenny said...

I've enjoyed the Nantucket Love stories, too, and can't wait to read this one. Great spotlight. :)

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