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Character Spotlight ~ Cathy Bryant's Dani Davis & Steve Miller

Dani & Steve

2009 ACFW Genesis Contest finalist Cathy Bryant has written a fine story and is working hard getting it in the hands of readers. I'm glad to help! Texas Roads is a great contemporary romance well worth the read.

Enjoy this insight into her rich girl and wary cowboy:~


Brief physical description

Dani is in her early thirties and petite, with blond curls, big blue eyes, and a dazzling smile that lights up Texas.

Actor/famous person

Reese Witherspoon, with her Southern drawl, would play the part of Dani perfectly.

Strengths and weaknesses

Even though Dani is wealthy, she's determined to keep that fact to herself rather than use the wealth to buy the friendship of others. She's also altruistic and generous, which causes a dilemma. How can she put her wealth to good use without drawing the attention of others? Throughout the course of the novel, she gains the ability to finish what she started and forgive in spite of how others have treated her.

Dani's primary weakness is a tendency to over-commit. She also makes snap judgments of people based on pre-conceived notions, and shies away from men because of a bad marriage. When she's tired (which happens frequently because over-committing), she gets a tad bit snarky.

Quirk (if any)

She spends extravagantly for the benefit of others, but shops at consignment and thrift shops for herself.

* * *


Brief physical description

Steve is a Texas cowboy in his late thirties, tall and lanky, with dark hair and cinnamon-colored eyes.

Actor/famous person

I can really see Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap and Star Trek: Enterprise as Steve.

Strengths and weaknesses

Steve Miller's greatest strength is his desire to help the people in Miller's Creek by bringing commerce to his back roads hometown. He also cares for Mama Beth, the town's mother figure, and his family, always putting the needs of others before his own. One of the things that draws me to him is his heart for God.

Steve is very proud and easily angered when he feels threatened or when he thinks someone is trying to take advantage of those he loves. He doesn't take kindly to strangers because of his suspicious nature--especially city women like Dani.

Quirk (if any)

He listens to classical music, definitely not the average musical fare for cowboys.

Your inspiration for the characters

Texas Roads is the tried-but-true classic story form of country boy meets city girl. I wanted to explore the dynamics between two characters who both want the same things, but have two totally different ways of trying to achieve their goals (and the misunderstandings that happen in the process). Also, I tried to throw into the mix the pre-conceived notions city dwellers sometimes have of country people and vice versa.

Background to the story

Dani Davis longs for a place to call home. With quaint country charm, quirky residents, and loads of business potential, Miller's Creek, Texas seems like the perfect place to start over. She secretly finances renovations to the downtown area, but then malicious rumors and a devastating discovery propel her down a road she never expected to travel.

It's been a pleasure having you here, Cathy ~ thanks so much for sharing with us.

On Monday, the spotlight shines on Julie Carobini's Callie Duflay & Gage Mitchell from her latest Otter Bay novel, A Shore Thing. I have a soft spot for the actor she has chosen for Gage ~ you'll see why!

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Cathy Bryant said...

Beautifully done, Rel! Thanks so much! I so appreciate your willingness to help spread the word about Texas Roads.

Many blessings,
Cath =)

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