Friday, 29 September 2006

Beyond Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury

4 1/2 stars

In this riveting sequel to One Tuesday Morning , Karen Kingsbury delves further into the raw issues of tragedy, loss and grief and the difficult process of moving on with life. On 11th September, 2001 firefighterJake Bryan was in one of the twin towers as part of the rescue mission, when it collapsed. Three years have passed since the tragic circumstances that almost destroyed Jaime Bryan and their young daughter, Sierra, yet propelled her into the arms of her Heavenly Father, a prayer Jake had throughout their marriage. Jaime is now a volunteer at St Paul's Chapel at Ground Zero, a place to reflect and remember, a place for family and friends to seek comfort in light of their loss. Her faith has grown but Jaime is afraid of moving on and puts aside her own grief to comfort those seeking healing by visiting St Paul's.

A shock assault at a train station is thwarted by a visiting Los Angeles police officer who is immediately attracted to Jaime but senses her fragility and the grief she tries to hide. For Jaime, the thought of loving another man fills her with confusion and guilt and she is unsure how to deal with feelings she never thought she would experience again. Just as she opens her heart to this man her world is once again shattered by news so devastating she questions her ability to go on.

Karen Kingsbury's writing engenders empathy and emotion and this book is no exception. Her characters experience feelings and thoughts that are genuine and compelling. Her spiritual perspective is woven seamlessly into the story and as you read the last page you feel uplifted and encouraged.

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