Monday, 25 September 2006

The Cubicle Next Door by Siri Mitchell

5 stars

Siri Mitchell has crafted another beautiful story, as unique as it is
thoughtprovoking , interspersed with humour, delightful characters and the anticipation and heartache that characterises an attraction between and man and a woman.
Jackie Pert Harrision, a civilian working at the US Air Force Academy, has created a life for herself which is predictable and safe, protecting her emotions from the hurt of her mother's desertion. Jackie's security is disrupted when her office is divided forcing her to share with Lt. Col. Joseph Gallagher, a new Academy lecturer. In order to vent her frustrations with this new situation Jackie begins an anonymous blog and is surprised at the interest it creates among readers. As Jackie begins to experience conflicting feelings for Joe, her blog becomes the only way she can express the joy, fear and confusion he has caused. When she discovers Joe has been reading the blog she is terrified he will discover her true identity and all she has fought to hide will be laid bare.
Siri Mitchell's characterization is superb! You will easily relate to Jackie and the supporting characters as realistic people who could live next door. Even Joe's initial "perfectness" is tempered as more of his history unfolds. Written in the first person, you will literally laugh and cry with Jackie, her heartache palpable to the point of agony at times but I guarantee it is well worth the ride. Excerpts of Jackie's blog and other bloggers' responses make a fascinating end to each chapter. As with Siri's other books, the message behind Jackie's journey of discovery will stay with you long after the last page is read."


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