Monday, 25 September 2006

Castles in the Sand by Sally John

5 stars

Sally John has penned another novel with a poignant and challenging message. Kenzie's father, Drake Starr, is the pastor of an expanding church, her mother, Susan, the epitome of a submissive wife. Kenzie's announcement of her pregnancy to Adrian Carlucci, despite their unwed state, shatters the Starrs' world with Drake shunning Kenzie and demanding Susan do likewise.
With the encouragement of some precious friends, Susan embarks on a journey of self discovery risking all she has held dear in an effort to find her true self and reconnect with her unforgiving husband and defiant daughter.
This book is beautifully written, tackling the hard issues with sensitivity and integrity. The author contrasts the different attitudes of the Starr and Carlucci parents to a situation neither family condones, showing the results of both compassion and unforgiveness. The characters are appealing and their struggles real giving the reader plenty to ponder long after the last page is read. This series keeps getting better!


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