Monday, 25 September 2006

Deliver Us from Evelyn by Chris Well

4 stars

Chris Well has provided another genre for the ever burgeoning Christian market by writing a feisty crime novel, complete with quirky characters, great dialogue and the detestable Evelyn Blake.
The sequel to Forgiving Solomon Long continues the story of Detectives Tom Griggs and Charlie Pasch as they focus on the mysterious disappearance of Evelyn Blake's billionaire husband. At the same time an anonyomous employee of Blake Media is posting tell all blogs regarding the erratic and dictatorial Evelyn and a religious con artist is cooking up a scheme to line his pockets with contributions from the faithful.
The merging of these storylines is a crime reader's delight - surprising, satisfying and humourous! Chris Well's Griggs and Pasch are earthy, appealing and deserving of more criminal hijinks in the future!


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