Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Even Now by Karen Kingsbury

4 Stars


Karen Kingsbury's latest release Even Now is a journey through shattered dreams into the balm of forgiveness. Emily Anderson is a first year University student, raised by her maternal grandparents, determined to discover the truth behind her mother's disappearance shortly after her birth and to find the father she has never known. The discovery of her mother's journals opens the window to the lives of her parents and the connection and heartache experienced by the young couple, Shane and Lauren. The two are deeply in love yet slowly torn apart by their own mistakes and the interference of well intentioned parents who are also seeking to protect their image and own desires. Their intervention separates Shane and Lauren and brings about eighteen years of anger and guilt which may never be overcome. Each character has been scarred in various ways by past hurts and loss as the author delves into the issues of betrayal, divided friendships and the damage wrought by selfish desires disguised as best intentions. Karen Kingsbury's words enthrall from the beginning and evoke emotions as you journey with the characters through their struggles to reconcile the circumstances of their lives and the love and peace God offers. The book is written from the perspective of the three main characters which enables the reader to more fully appreciate their individual journeys and the hurdles they must overcome should they choose to forgive and seek reconciliation. As always Karen Kingsbury reminds the reader of the constancy of God's love and compassion in the midst of both tragedy and triumph.

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