Monday, 25 September 2006

Wings of Morning by Kathleen Morgan

3 1/2 stars

The second book in the These Highland Hills series by Kathleen Morgan reintroduces the reader to Iain Campbell, Scottish laird and warrior, who was thwarted in his love for Anne in Child of the Mist, the first book in the series. He has returned to his home, Balloch Castle, and is leading a peaceful, if somewhat lonely life, far from the intrigue of the Scottish court. Searching for cattles reivers on his land, Iain stumbles across a gravely injured woman who cannot remember her own name and brings her home to be cared for by his mother. Iain's kindness has unwittingly exposed his home and heart to treachery and betrayal, the like of which he has not experienced before.

Iain feels a strong and immediate attraction to Regan despite his concerns about her identity and she finds in Iain and his mother, a care and concern that feels foreign from the tiny remnants of memory she posseses. They are unaware of the danger posed by Regan's relatives who soon find out where she is and begin plotting to use it to their advantage.

Set in the Scottish Highlands in 1566, Kathleen Morgan breathes new life into a well worn tale of murder, amnesia and misunderstanding with appealing characters and detailed descriptions of the fascinating culture and scenery of Scotland. While the storyline is predictable, the writing is strong and will appeal to those seeking a gentle romance and a reminder of God's love and guidance in times of hardship and loss.


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