Monday, 25 September 2006

Paper Moon by Linda Windsor

3 1/2 stars

If you enjoy romantic comedies at the cinema, try the literary version and grab Linda Windsor’s Paper Moon, the first book in her Moonstruck trilogy. Linda’s writing has that rare laugh out loud quality so be careful where you read it! Linda has travelled to Mexico on a numerous occasions and some of the weird and wonderful happenings in the story are her personal experiences which adds to the credibility and humour of the book. The scenery and traditions of Mexico are enticingly written giving you the experience of a trip to Mexico from the comfort of your own home!
Paper Moon is the story of Caroline Spencer and Blaine Madison, single parents roped in to chaperoning their teenage daughters’ class trip to Mexico. While the storyline is of a predictable nature with Blaine and Caroline having to overcome the scars of their previous marriages, their attraction to each other is entertainingly written and has enough quirks to keep the reader entranced. Linda weaves intrigue into the story with Blaine and Caroline facing their worst fears as their daughters become innocent pawns in an international smuggling ring. Caroline's accepting faith is tested and Blaine's waning faith challenged.
If you are looking for a fun and easy read this is the book for you . The sequels, Fiesta Moon and Blue Moon tell the stories of the other Madison siblings, Mark and Jeanne, who make brief appearances in Paper Moon.


Beth said...

Oh. I am so proud!

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