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Character Spotlight ~ Jamie Carie's Emma Montclaire & Luke Bowen

Today the spotlight shines on Luke Bowen & Emma Montclaire
If you are looking for exceptional historical fiction, look no further than Jamie Carie and her amazing novels, Snow Angel, The Duchess & the Dragon, Wind Dancer and Love's First Light. Her latest, Angel's Den, is moving, emotive and enthralling. Enjoy this peek behind her characters, Luke and Emma.

Over to you, Jamie:~

Brief physical description

Emma - Blond and blue eyed. I picture her to look a little like Scarlett Johanson but not as curvy. She lost weight after her marriage and is thin and willowy, like a Nicole Kidman.

Luke - Hunky in the farmer kind of way J. Once again, I'm leaning toward a Hugh Jackman type (boy, I'm really obsessed with him, aren't I? Lol). Who is a younger Hugh?

This picture looks a lot like them, though!

Strengths and weaknesses

Emma - Her weakness is her naivety and trusting nature. She sees the good in people but her husband isn't good at all. Her strength is an inner core, deep down strength to endure that she didn't even know she possessed until she had to tap into it. It's that very strength that Eric (her husband) saw in her and why he married her. Here's a woman who could take his pain onto herself which allows him to feel safe and empowered.

Luke - Luke is a man of God and a man of action. He struggles with trusting God and God's timing through trials. His strength is that even though he struggles, he has a deeply rooted faith and does the right thing in the end - it just takes him some time and wrestling to get there.

Quirk (if any)

Luke is a bit picky about his cartography equipment and artist's tools. At one point in the story a young man on the expedition pesters him with lots of questions about the workings of an octant. Luke curbs his irritation and patiently explains it but he wishes he could just do the job alone. A bit of a perfectionist, I'd say. J

Your inspiration for the character

I don't know that I had an initial inspiration for these two characters, but the inspiration for the story came from that movie - Sleeping With the Enemy with Julia Roberts. I LOVE that movie! So suspenseful and creepy!

Background to the story

When Emma Montclaire said 'I do' she thought she was beginning her fairy tale life. But it didn’t take her new husband, the famed most handsome man west of the Appalachians, long to disabuse her of any fantasies. As the abuse escalates and turns physical, Emma seeks a way out.

Luke Bowen has been stuck in a job that he has no liking for when a letter comes with the opportunity of a lifetime - follow the Corps of Discovery's blazing path to the Pacific as a cartographer. What he doesn't know is that there will be a woman on the expedition, a woman who desperately needs his help. The challenge to follow God's rescue plan and not their own will be daunting - requiring faith and trust and long suffering when it looks like God has abandoned them. But the God who made them knows them and all they can endure. His plan of rescue unfolds in a way neither of them could have imagined.

Thanks so much, Jamie ~ I love it when you visit Relz Reviewz :)

On Thursday, the spotlight shines on Colleen Coble's Addie Sullivan and John North from her first historical novel, The Lightkeeper's Daughter.

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