Thursday, 4 February 2010

Hero's Tribute by Graham Garrison


Michael Gavin was a local hero, admired for his skill as a quarterback, his service in the military, and his work in the community. Stricken with cancer and on his death bed, Michael takes a leap of faith and entrusts his legacy to Wes Watkins, a reporter he’d never met, by asking him to deliver his eulogy.

Wes accepts this unconventional offer, hoping to at least get a good story out of the situation. A good story will draw the attention of big-city newspapers and get him out of his small-town sports beat. But as Wes digs deeper into Michael’s background, everything changes. Secrets come to light, and soon Wes sees the hometown hero as he really is. As Wes tries to find the words to describe Michael, he is also forced to examine his own life and decide what will define him.

My take:~

Poignant and inspiring, Graham Garrison's debut novel, Hero's Tribute is a must read. Hometown football legend and military hero, Michael Gavin's golden image is not a true reflection of his life and he is determined that his small town remembers him for the man he was, not the man they thought him to be. Journalist Wes Watkins has his own internal battle scars and his journey to discover the man behind the image reveals more than he bargained for. This is not a story of a man with a deep, dark past seeking redemption but a slow revelation of his motivations, inner struggles and disappointments and the overarching power of grace and love. This story will appeal to men and women alike, with plenty of football and military detail alongside the heartbreaking emotion of losing a loved one and the sacrifices ordinary people are willing to make to save a life.

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scrappy quilter said...

Looks like another great read.

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