Monday, 22 February 2010

Character Spotlight ~ Rachel Hauck & Sara Evans' Jade, Beryl & Max

Today the spotlight shines on..................Jade, Beryl & Max

Rachel Hauck's latest novel, The Sweet By and By is a collaboration with singer/songwriter Sara Evans. An intriguing and charming story of an estranged mother and daughter and the wedding that just might bring them together.

Enjoy and over to you, Rachel:~

Brief physical description

RH: Jade has dark hair with olive eyes. Medium build. I kind of leave the characters to the readers imagination unless a physical trait is key.

Rel: How about Jessica Alba for Jade?

Beryl is a '60s hippie who never really left the era. She has long braided gray hair. Same olive eyes as Jade.

Max is dark, Italian skin with hazel eyes.

Actor/famous person

RH: I had an actor picked out for Max, Jesse somebody, but I searched the internet for pictures of Jade and Beryl. Oh, I had a picture of Janis Joplin for Beryl but she was much prettier!

Strengths and weaknesses

RH: Jade doesn't know she's loveable. Everyone has left her. So she is tentative. She deals with panic and depersonalization. But she also endures, perseveres and makes life work for her.

Beryl lives the '60s even into her 60s. She wants to live free. But she really does love her daughter. She has an odd way of showing it.

Max has a bunch of issues. But he's really in love with Jade. He's self centered and weak in dealing with stress. But he seeks to do good.

Your inspiration for the character

RH: Because Sara Evans and I wrote the book together, she was a big part of the inspiration. She conceived the story idea and I worked to develop the characters with her thought and input. It was fun to have a partner and inspiration.

We talked about Sara's life and people she knew and inspired her. We talked about what kind of story she wanted to tell and I just thought of who would fit the design.

I did a lot of research for Beryl's character. It was interesting to look into the '60s lifestyle and the revolution that started the Summer of Love in San Francisco in '67.

Background to the story

RH: Since this is a celebrity collaboration, I'll give you the background to how the project came about.

Thomas Nelson approached multi-platinum country artist Sara Evans about doing a book project because so much of her music is about story.

Once she agreed to the idea, they brought me in to work with her. It's been really fun and amazing.

We recently brainstormed book three in the Songbird Novel series.

I always look forward to all your books, Rachel and am keen to read what happens to in the sequel!

On Thursday the spotlight shines on Priscilla Morton and Zachary Webster from Amanda Cabot's Scattered Petals so be sure to come back!

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Thanks Rel! Another great spotlight!


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