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Character Spotlight ~ Miralee Ferrell's Margaret Garvey, Andrew Browning & Nathaniel Cooper

Today the spotlight shines on Margaret Garvey, Andrew Browning & Nathaniel Cooper

Miralee Ferrell's Love Finds You novels are garnering five star reviews everywhere. Her latest takes the reader to the beautiful historical town of Bridal Veil where Margaret has to choose which man is right for her!

Enjoy this look behind the scenes. Over to you, Miralee:~

Margaret Garvey

Margaret was such a joy to get acquainted with, as she’s the kind of woman I’d love to have as a friend. She’s incredibly loyal and goes out of her way (even at her own expense) to meet the needs of others in her small community. At almost twenty-one years old, she’s been a teacher in Bridal Veil for three years and is an only child of her widowed father. She fell in love at the tender age of sixteen and got her heart broken just six months later—and she’s never forgotten that man. Margaret rarely thinks of her own outer beauty—she’s a petite, gorgeous girl with long, red-gold hair—inner beauty is most important to her, both in herself and in those around her.

This picture of Joanna Garcia is an excellent depiction of how I think of Margaret….perky, happy, friendly and more than cute…very pretty!


Gracious, kind-hearted, generous to the point of putting others needs ahead of her own, and loves children.


She can be a bit quick tempered at times and has a hard time letting go of old hurts. Recently she’s been struggling with trusting God in all areas of her life.


I’ve known a number of people like Margaret, but a childhood friend probably came the closest, mixed with my daughter for another aspect of Margaret’s life. My friend will go out of her way to heal another person’s wounds and gives of herself whenever she sees a need. My daughter isn’t afraid to stand up for what (or who) she believes in, even if it other people disagree. That’s a quality Margaret had in abundance….when two orphaned children run away and arrive in Bridal Veil, Margaret goes against the wishes of those close to her and takes them in. If she thinks something is right then no one can dissuade her from her course.

We have two potential heroes in this book and I can’t just spotlight one, or you’d know who wins Margaret’s heart. I’ll put them in order of how they appear in the book and your readers will have to decide who they’re rooting for!

Andrew Browning

Andrew is warm-hearted, with sandy brown, curly hair and has gorgeous dimples when he smiles. He’s not tall, but has a husky, logger’s build, a heart-melting grin and sparkling eyes. Andrew has lived in Bridal Veil for two years and has been smitten with Margaret for the past few months, but isn’t sure how to let her know. He works at the local planer mill, but he used to be a tree feller, which accounts for his strength and love for the outdoors. He’s kind, generous and wants a family of his own.

If I had to pick an actor who reminds me of Andrew I’d have to say Chris O’Donnell, with his roguish smile and somewhat stocky (but nicely built) frame. Both men have a bit of the devil-may-care, happy attitude about them, as well.


Calm, outgoing, loyal, loves kids and animals, trustworthy and believes in others. He’ll support Margaret in whatever she wants to do.


Has a tendency to be over protective toward those he cares for to the point they may feel he’s trying to direct their lives (although he’s really not, he just cares deeply). When backed into a corner or falsely accused, his temper flares up and he’s ready to fight.

Nathaniel Cooper

Nathaniel left Bridal Veil four years earlier, after secretly courting Margaret against her father’s wishes. He’s a bit of a drifter when it comes to work, but he’s returning to Bridal Veil determined to take charge of his life and find out if Margaret still cares. He’s never had a relationship with a woman that’s lasted very long, but truly believes it could be different with Margaret. He’s never completely recovered from the wound inflicted when he left Bridal Veil. Now he’s returning to the area to take a new job at the upper saw mill only two miles away. He’s still single but hoping that might change in the future.

I chose David Boreanaz as the character who (in looks anyway) most closely depicts Nathaniel, although Nathaniel has a mustache and I couldn’t find pic of David with one.


He’s developed some good leadership qualities that will serve him well in Bridal Veil when a murder is committed. He’s a strong man with definite opinions and loyal to those he cares for. Kind and compassionate, but he’s not afraid to speak out when he believes the occasion warrants.


Nathaniel tends to be a bit too suspicious of those he doesn’t know or trust. He has a jealous nature and struggles with doing the right thing at times, but truly believes that what he does will prove to be right in the end.

I had a hard time deciding which of these men should win Margaret’s heart. She cares for them both and for a long time she couldn’t make up her own mind, which didn’t help me at all! Both men are decent, hard-working, and very attractive, and in their own way, both adore Margaret. One will prove to be the better choice before it’s over, and Margaret’s eyes will be opened. I was so grateful when she finally let me know…and when one of the men tipped his hand that he might not be the best and the other proved that he was! You’ll just have to read it yourself to see ‘the best man win’ our heroine’s heart.

Background for the story:

It’s 1902 in the small logging and saw mill community of Bridal Veil, Oregon, just twenty miles east of Portland, in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Margaret Garvey’s father has been keeping a secret for four years that could destroy Margaret’s faith in him, and he goes to his grave without being able to confess. She fell in love with Nathaniel Cooper four years ago, and he left town without saying goodbye. Now she’s teaching school in Bridal Veil and beginning to care for Andrew Browning, a local saw mill worker who was also a friend of her father’s. Life seems to be settling down for Margaret when her father’s death and the return of her old flame, Nathaniel, sends her life into turmoil. Add a murder of a local logger and the arrival of two runaway orphans and Margaret has her hands full—especially since she’s come to care for the children and the simple-minded brother could be the person who committed the murder. Margaret musts fight to save the children, as well as her own reputation, and decide if Nathaniel or Andrew is the man she wants to marry.

Thanks, Miralee - you certainly make it a difficult choice for Margaret :) Looking forward to reading the book and discovering her decision!

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