Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Love That Is Blind by Ayrian Stone


Relegated to a world of blindness, Cora Abrams refuses to live in hatred of the neo-Nazi gang that stole her sight seven years ago. Instead she longs to thank the gang member who rescued her. Unknown to her, Rye Tyler is now her young uncle's detective partner and their paths intersect as Caleb and Rye search for a missing heiress. Drawn to the incredible purity and peace in Cora, Rye wrestles with his deepening desire for her and the heavy weight of guilt he carries because of his former lifestyle. Intensely passionate about God's moral code, Caleb bars Rye from pursuing a relationship with Cora while struggling against his own attraction to Arianna, a teen hungry for a love that will satisfy. The four friends differing passions interlock, culminating in an intense battle for hope and forgiveness as two worlds collide.

My take:~

Gritty, edgy and confronting, Love That Is Blind ventures where few Christian novels are willing to go. Addressing racism, infidelity, greed, suffering and treachery debut author Aryian Stone paints a heartbreaking picture of Cora, a young girl whose life is almost destroyed by evil men yet lives with peace due to her unfailing faith in Jesus. Bad boy Rye Tyler is captivated by Cora's beauty and inner joy and struggles with his past immorality which lies in stark contrast to this woman he can't easily forget. Keeping a close eye on his partner Rye is Caleb, a Jew determined to live by Yahweh's precepts yet tempted to the core by the provocative Arianna and harbouring dark unforgiveness in his heart. While the writing was at times heavy handed, Aryian's heart for God's message of redemption from the ashes is transparent and moving. While a little too edgy for traditional readers, Love That Is Blind will satisfy those looking for more reality and edge to their faith fiction.

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Julie Lessman said...

REL!!! I am THRILLED that you reviewed Ayrian's beautiful novel! I have read it and absolutely LOVED it!! Yes, it is edgy for the CBA, but SO needed to broaden the circle of influence for Christian fiction. And you are SO right -- Ayrian's heart for God is right there on every page, along with an edgy, compelling story that drives it all home.

I was captivated from the first page and simply couldn't put it down.


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