Sunday, 9 November 2008

7 Random Book Related Facts About Me

Kim over at Window to My World tagged me for this 7 random facts meme, with a twist! The 7 random facts have to be book related facts!

So here goes! I hope others will join in the fun!

1. My Grandma introduced me to Christian Fiction with a Janette Oke book when I was about 10 years old. She is now 92 and loves borrowing my books from me now :)

2. I have a personal CF library with over 1600 books.

3. I have library software and loan books to over 60 family, friends, church members, etc. CF is not available in public libraries in Australia!

4. My favourite genre is romantic suspense - high on suspense, light on romance.

5. 5 years ago my pastor suggested I start a book club - we have around 20 members and is one of the few multi generational ministries at church.

6. I have "met" the most wonderful people through my books, authors, bloggers, publicists, readers. Many of my closest friends, I met when they started to borrow my books.

7. Aside from CF, I enjoy John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, David Eddings and Jane Austen books.

Care to share any random facts about yourself and books?


Naomi said...

Wow Rel you have an amazing number of books. And I love the idea of your book club. Multi generational sounds great to me too.

lisa said...

I have a friend in Australia and I suggested she try to get a book I recommended from the local library. I'm suprised they don't carry CF. Why is that? Isn' there a demand for it?

Rel said...

Hey Lisa - thanks for dropping by! With only 20 million people in Australia and no longer being considered a Christian country, I think the demand is lower than you would expect. You may find a couple of Karen Kingsbury's books and one or two others but that is it.

That makes it very difficult for a lot of people to read CF as as $20 a book it is a very expensive habit to maintain!

Beth said...

I know what you mean about being unable to find CF in the local library. When I lived in Geelong they had heaps of CF books, but now that I'm in the city I can hardly find any.

I was involved in our church library a few years ago (the church I go to now doesn't have one). I was asked to review some of the new books that came in. That was great when I didn't have the money to buy a lot of books like I do now.

I took up your tag challenge. Hope you enjoy my answers if you look at them.


Tracy said...

I, for one, am glad you have so very many books ;) but wonder your head does a bit of a spin at times! And am even more appreciative of our friendship...which sprang from your books.

Ausjenny said...

We dont have alot of books in our library here although they have had a few amish books lately. Most are ones I donated. Wow 1600 is sure alot of books. we are starting a church library which I see more for some of the outreach programmes who borrow from me now. We have about 60 fiction to put in when we get the shelves.

Kim said...

Rel, I didn't realize CF wasn't available in public libraries. It doesn't surprise me though. I feel doubly blessed now to know that my librarians use my blog to order many of their CF selections and are always thrilled when I bring in books for donation!

I love the library idea for friends and family. I'm loaning out books like crazy too, but not doing nearly as well keeping up with their whereabouts!


Abi said...

mine is posted at my blog site. I have a book giveaway with mine.

Jenny said...

My answers are here.

Your grandma sounds like quite a gem, Rel. I'm glad she introduced you to CF, or we probably never would have crossed paths. *Hugs* to you and yours.

HeatherH said...

I know I'm a bit behind the times since it's ten days or so since the original post but I'm catching up on all my Feed reading...

WOW! I thought I had a lot of CF books on my shelves. I think I'm nearer the 500 mark but I've never actually sat down and counted them. Since my last move, they are at least all in the one spot!

My first experience of CF was Janette Oke too - the Love Comes Softly series. I'm now working my way through the DVDs. My sister has been giving me each one for birthday and Christmas. They're not the same as the books but I'm still using boxes of tissues...

Outside of CF I enjoy Patricia Cornwall and Clive Cussler. I used to read a lot of Catherine Cookson but I seem to be over that phase now.

My parents' church has a library that simply works on an honour system and you can have the book as long as you like. A lot of my books have gone there - I tend to only keep the ones I know I'll read over and over. The space on my shelves is too valuable to store books I either didn't enjoy or don't want to read again.

Anyway, enough rambling from me for today... Until next time!

Laetitia :-) said...

1600! I don't think I'd have the space in my house for that many, particularly those just devoted to CF.

You can get Dee Henderson through the Brisbane City Council library. We picked up the first few of the O'Malley series at a book fair and borrowed the rest through BCC.

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