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Character Spotlight ~ Eric Wilson's Gina Lazarescu

Today the spotlight shines on..................................................Gina Lazarescu

Eric Wilson's interest in writing began as a young boy and his love of different cultures and fascination with Eastern Europe established as he travelled there with his then missionary parents to distribute Bibles.

No doubt Eric has many stories to tell from his subsequent trips to Europe and China as an adult, though maybe none more intriguing and God inspired than the story detailed in his Author's Note at the start of Field of Blood! It is worth buying the book just for out you go and get it!

Here's Eric's take on his main character from Field of Blood ~ Gina Lazarescu.

Brief physical description of your main character

In the Jerusalem's Undead Trilogy, Gina Lazarescu is the central character, starting with
book one, Field of Blood. She is a Romanian Jewish girl, with bronze skin, dark unruly hair, and deep-brown eyes. She also has scars on her neck and arms. These are the results of an ultra-religious mother who believes she can bleed her daughter's sins away through cutting. Gina knows no differently, and accepts this stoically, yet with the sense that something is not right. She wants to turn away to the beliefs--or lack thereof--of her atheistic friends, but she can't escape the spark of faith that still resides in her heart.

Gina's pic is on the cover of the book. She wears a pair of ruby-orb earrings that actually contain drops of the Nazarene Blood. It will be her choice, though, to decide whether or not to ever partake of that Blood.

Strengths and weaknesses

Gina is a survivor. She likes the feeling of hard work and accomplishment. She wants most of all to reach out to the orphans of her country, giving to them the proper love she knows intuitively she has lacked. As she gets older, she begins to rebel against her mother's superstitions, and in so doing she also pushes away the love of those closest to her, especially when tragedy strikes.

Quirk (if any)

When Gina is annoyed, she counts teeth with her tongue and tries to think of one good deed or thought to counter her annoyance.

Your inspiration for the character

I wanted mainly to portray a character caught in the web of religious fanaticism, trying to escape without totally abandoning the truth hidden beneath all the lies.

Background to the story

Gina's st
ory starts at age 12 in a village of Romania, right before the fall of communism. She ends up on the run, with her mother, and finds out secrets about her heritage that go back 2000 years to the time of Christ. Her ability to survive the threats of undead enemies will depend upon her willingness to embrace the truth of the One who conquered Death.

Thanks Eric for this insight into Gina ~ any time you want to expand on Cal Nichols, let me know :)

On Monday, I'll be offering a fascinating look at Siri Mitchell's latest characters Marget and Lytham, from her Elizabethan novel, A Constant Heart.

Don't miss it!

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jamie carie said...

Love the cover! And the idea behind the earrings. What an intriguing character!

Jamie Carie

C.J. Darlington said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Eric! And featuring these great insights, Rel. :)

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