Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Every Now & Then by Karen Kingsbury

Losing his firefighter father in the Twin Towers collapse of 9/11 left Alex Brady a shattered man. Determined to prevent further atrocities happening again, Alex fled from the people who loved him and became a police officer with the K9 unit in Los Angeles, California. Sharing the remaining remnants of his heart on his beloved police dog, Bo, Alex only makes time for his dog, his work and staying in the best shape he can, all the better to catch the ones planning evil.

Holly Brooks followed Alex Brady to California hoping to mend the rift in their relationship but her plans met with dismal failure. Making a new life for herself working for a building entrepreneur, Dave Jacobs and his son, Ron, Holly soon finds herself in the midst of a physical and emotional firestorm she didn't see coming.

Every Now & Then introduces the emotionally distant Alex Brady into the lives of familiar characters from Beyond Tuesday Morning, Clay and Jamie Michaels and their friends, Joe and Wanda Reynolds. Karen invites the reader back into their lives with consummate ease, shedding more light on their lives since 9/11. Pleasingly, each of the characters still struggle with their past and I particularly appreciated the authentic tension played out between Clay and Jamie as Jamie is drawn back into the horror of the September day as she reaches out to the wounded Alex. More interaction and dialogue between Alex and Holly, one of Karen's many talents as a writer, would have made the book more appealing to me personally. That being said, the story is otherwise vintage Karen - deep felt emotion, engaging characters and the struggle to fathom God's place in a pain filled world with a sweet and encouraging ending.

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