Wednesday, 5 November 2008

A Beautiful Fall by Chris Coppernoll & Aussie Giveaway

Emma Madison has worked her way to the top of her profession and her latest trial success has cemented her place as one of Boston's most sought after attorneys.

While celebrating her success, Emma receives a call from a woman she has barely spoken to in twelve years, her cousin Samantha, once a dear friend and mentor. Samantha's news is not good - Emma's father has suffered a heart attack and he needs her.

Promising her law partners she will only make a weekend visit, Emma returns to Juneberry, South Carolina, the place she lost her mother and the one place she thought she would never return to.

Pierced by her father's pain caused by her self imposed estrangement, Emma extends her stay for a few more days and begins to re-evaluate her life. Challenged by the warmth and friendship she rediscovers in Juneberry, including that of the man she left behind, Emma faces a dilemma for which she has no answer.

A Beautiful Fall is an aptly titled novel as it is a beautiful story of a woman forced to face the past in order to determine her future. Chris Coppernoll has done a sterling job with engaging prose and charming characterisation. Emma is an interesting woman, struggling with her past choices, highly successful yet uncertain, compassionate yet removed from the pain she has caused to others. The lives of Emma's Juneberry family and friends are in contrast to her somewhat selfish choices but Chris doesn't fall into the trap of making them them saccharine, giving them all stories of substance and poignancy.

Appealing by reason of its simplicity, Chris still infuses his characters with the perfect balance of complexity and authenticity. Combining three different love stories, Chris delves into the challenges, heartache and joy that falling in love creates. A Beautiful Fall is a tender and moving tale of lifelong devotion, sacrifice, forgiveness and the freedom of second chances. I'll certainly be seeking out Chris's first novel, Providence, and his future offerings.

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To enter to win a copy of this perfect summer read (yep, we are almost there Down Under):~

1. Have an Aussie mailing address

2. Post a comment (with contact details) by Sunday 16th November, 2008

3. Tell me your favourite season and why


Jewelz said...

Half the time I can't decide which is my favourite season :)
I love summer until about January, and I love winter until about the end of July :P
I guess my favourite season would PROBABLY be spring most of the time 'coz it's generally warm without being boiling hot :) (sorry, long winded explanation :P)
Please enter me :)
joyfuljewelz (at)

Tracy said...

Please enter me. I think a book that encourages me to take stock will be perfectly timed :)

Favourite season? I'm loving Spring this year ~ vegie gardening! Autumn in the hills is just stunning. I love all the cosy things about staying warm in winter (now that we've established one shouldn't camp during June!).

I guess I love everything but summer. Each season seems to have it's very own charm and beauty. I would happily live in Antarctica during summer. Maybe I just need cooling in our house?!

Beth said...

Spring - plants are coming 'alive' again after being dormant over winter. The days a a little warmer, but not too hot. I feel more alive in spring!


jaana said...

Autumn is my favourite (living in Melbourne). Not too hot, not too cold, not too windy, not a lot of thunderstorms. Beautiful in every way.

Please enter me in. The book sounds great!

nolene said...

Summer is the best of all. I love the long days and the warmth(maybe not the heat so much).

Anonymous said...

i think this is another book i wanted and couldn't get! speaking of which, i got the christa parrish one (she even wrote me a card and signed it!) and really enjoyed it.

traditionally, i would go with spring...great weather, new life, etc. i do like summer, though...memory-making fun times.

Ausjenny said...

I love Summer. I dont like 40 degree heat but I love summer. weather like today where you wear shorts and a top and you are not to hot but dont need a jumper is perfect.
But Summer means Cricket and for a fanatic its the perfect time.
I also love Christmas which is in summer and January where you tend to relax after Christmas.
Please enter me it looks like a great book

Naomi said...

I like all the seasons for different reasons but my fave is probably spring because the weather is just nice. Warm in the day and cool at night. This sounds like a good book. Please enter me Rel.

Jen said...

Love the front cover of this book. I think I love winter, spring and autumn equally but for different reasons, but especially in England as the seasons as so distinct. Winter is so barren and bare and then spring just brings everything back to life. Autumn too is beautiful with the change of leaves. I don't like summer anywhere near as much as the other three. Thanks again Rel.

ad said...

Please enter my name too.I love autumn the best as summer is too hot,winter too cold and spring has too much hayfever.

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