Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Redeeming Gabriel by Elizabeth White

The Union and the Confederacy, the abolitionists and the slave owners, the believers and the atheists. In this melting pot of conflicting ideas and avowed opposites, Gabriel Laniere and Camilla Beaumont meet, a couple destined to be separated by their divided loyalties, family background and issues of faith.

As Gabriel spys on Camilla's family, ferreting our secrets for the Union Army, Camilla is knee deep in her own secret life - ferrying slaves away from the South as part of the Underground Railway.

Thrown together time and time again, sparks of attraction ignite but will the very circumstances that brought them together tear them apart forever?

Elizabeth White never disappoints and in this historical romance, she knits together all the elements of attraction, danger, honour, devotion and sacrifice in a sweet and satisfying tale.

Gabriel is dashing and intriguing with his mixed heritage and a heart hardened by the secrecy and deception his work requires. Camilla is charmingly innocent yet her devotion to helping others is unmatched and captivates Gabriel as she risks her life for others, resting in the protection of the God Gabriel ignores. Readers of civil war historicals will fall in love with the characters, intrigue and the interesting history of the first working submarine, The Hunley in Redeeming Gabriel.

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Amy said...

I really want to read this one, Dear Author recommended it for November as well.

Jewelz said...

This sounds like such a cool book! I want to read it now :) Maybe I'll have to put it on my birthday list :P

Kim said...

Now this I could enjoy immensely! Sounds divine!


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