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Character Spotlight ~ Christy Barritt's Gabby St. Claire

Today the spotlight shines on...................................... Gabby St Claire & Co

Barritt's Squeaky Clean Mystery series is fabulous and unique. Christy herself shares the same qualities! How do I know? Well, Christy is A Peek at My Bookshelf's Author of the Month so drop by Deena's blog to discover more about this talented author.

In the meantime, enjoy Christy's thoughts on her characters below:~

Gabby St Claire

Physical D

Gabby St. Claire has a sweet, heart-shaped face that belies her inner oddball. She has curly red hair that’s hard to tame. She loves to wear snarky T-shirts and flip flops. Think Alyson Hannigan with curly hair.


Gabby is smart, tough and authentic—even when being authentic isn’t flattering.


She has awful taste in men and often enjoys working with the dead more than the living.


She’s always quoting the lyrics to her favorite songs.


I did an interview with a real life crime scene cleaner, and, after hearing his stories, I just knew I had to write a mystery series with a crime scene cleaner as the protagonist. I wish I had some great insight as to how Gabby herself developed. I started writing the series with the thought of incorporating a character who had an interest in forensics—CSI was really hot at the time. I’m NOT a plotter, so I always let my stories take on a life of their own. That’s exactly what happened with Gabby and company. I started writing the stories and they just kind of emerged on the pages. Hazardous Duty was born.

Riley Thomas

Physical description:

Riley is tall and lean with a runner’s build. He has dark hair, a little on the shaggy side in Hazardous Duty. Oh, and his eyes are blue. Gabby loves his blue eyes. J Think Luke Wilson


Logical, kind, compassionate, spiritual


Sometimes his kindness puts him in tough situations.


He wants to help people but often gets himself in a pickle in the process


Physical description:

Sierra is of Asian heritage, petite with plastic framed glasses and a pierced nose. Think Keiko Agena


She’s smart—she graduated from Yale. She’s also very passionate about her cause as an animal right’s activist.


She’s not really a people person. In fact, she’s writing a book called “Stupid People.” Much prefers animals.


Everything centers around her desire to make life better for the animals of the world


I did an interview with a well known animal rights activist group. I went to their headquarters, which was really eye opening. They had pictures of dead animals everywhere, I guess so they could be reminded of the cruelty they’re fighting. Sierra grew from my experience at the headquarters. She continues to be one of my readers' favorite characters!

Background to the story:

Since I already kinda mentioned where I got the inspiration for the series, I’ll tell you the background to Suspicious Minds, the second book in the Squeaky Clean Series. I’m a reporter for my local newspaper. I did an interview with an Elvis impersonator and I couldn’t believe the fanfare around him. Everyone treated him like he really was Elvis! He even had his own fan club. Crazy stuff. I knew I had to use an Elvis impersonator in one of my stories one day. So, Suspicious Minds opens when Gabby, my crime scene cleaner, finds a dead Elvis impersonator, in the crawl space of an old home. The mystery ensues from there!

Thanks Christy ~ this was a lot of fun :) I really hope we get to see book 3 in your Hazardous Duty series.

On Monday I will be spotlighting Paul Tilden from Marlo Schalesky's moving story, Beyond the Night and might even have some news to share on the Schalesky's newest family member!

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C.J. Darlington said...

Wonderful series! Thanks for all these great insights into your character, Christy. Gabby and Nick Polchak should have lunch together... :)

Anonymous said...

i haven't read the book so i can't relate to the characters but i enjoy the ones that i do know!

however, to be honest, i'm here to tell you i've tagged you...
... :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for the spotlight, ladies - I love these characters...and I've got my fingers crossed for a book 3 as well. *grin*

Christy Barritt said...

Thanks for doing this interview, Rel! What fun. I just loved casting actors as my characters! You picked some great pictures.

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