Tuesday, 18 November 2008

White Christma Pie by Wanda E Brunstetter ~ Tracy's Take

What is it about?

Will Henderson remains a young man in turmoil sixteen years after his father left him with Amish couple Mark and Regina Stoltzfus at just six years old. While Mark and Regina have cared for and loved Will with great commitment, Will is unable to let go of the bitterness he feels towards his father, Frank.

Will holds his fiancĂ©, Karen Yoder, at arm’s length as their upcoming wedding has him doubting his ability to be a good husband and father. He wonders if he will destroy his family the way he feels his father destroyed his life, by abandoning him. Karen longs to comfort Will and seeks to help him through the issues that arise before him. She is the epitome of the perfect wife-to-be, yet he seems intent on building a wall around his heart and keeping her out.

What I thought:

Wanda E Brunstetter has again delivered an engaging and beautiful story based on the lives of the Amish. ‘White Christmas Pie’ will snatch your attention and propel you toward the very last sentence, desperate to know if Will can set aside his bitterness and forgive his father.

I ached with Will as he was reminded of his abandonment by a newspaper article about another child, left without the love and care of her parents. His heartache is altogether tangible, his bitterness and unforgiveness entirely understandable. Wanda has done an outstanding job of taking the reader on Will’s heart-journey.

As Will faces the full force of his feelings and all their ugly ramifications in his life, he is surrounded by people who love him and would see him through his trials with victory. I felt myself willing him to stop and listen, to heed wise advice and to humble himself before the God who loves him.

In ‘White Christmas PieWanda shows how one can overcome deeply wounding experiences in our lives and seek forgiveness and healing rather than clinging to unforgiveness and bitterness as our companions through life. With God even the impossible is possible, giving us people who love us to be the gentle zephyr that blows our hearts towards Truth.

Guest reviewer:~ my friend and lover of all things Amish, Tracy from Beyond My Picket Fence

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Michelle Sutton said...

I thought this story was boring, had contrived tension and was predictable.

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