Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Field of Blood by Eric Wilson

From a tortured childhood in Romania to a confusing and meandering existence in America, Gina Lazarescu has a feeling life isn't quite as it seems. Yet her imagination would never have taken her down the path reality leads her on as she struggles to understand her mother's ritualistic torment and discover the meaning of the mark on her forehead no one else sees.

Released from their bondage under the piece of earth known as The Akeldama, the place where Judas Iscariot's body hung and bled out, the Collectors or undead stalk their human prey.

They are out for blood.

They are out for Gina.

The battle for the human heart and mind is portrayed with chilling reality in Eric Wilson's latest novel, Field of Blood. Written with a rare level of intensity and keen discernment, Gina's journey is fraught with heartache, loss and turmoil, a true reflection of our own lives as we straddle the fine line between tumbling towards evil and striving for the light.

The layers in this story are numerous and sometimes a little overwhelming but there is a sense it is intentional and the following books, Haunt of Jackals and Valley of Bones, will lay it all bare. As one would expect with a story of vampires, gruesomeness is required yet Eric never oversteps the mark. That being said it won't be a book I share with my grandmother! Eric combines traditional folklore with Biblical wisdom in a unique and challenging way and will thrill those who love a stimulating story with substance and an edge. Field of Blood confirms Eric's place as a masterful storyteller and though I hesitate to use the word in the context of this book, will garner himself a legion of devoted readers!

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Kim said...

This creeps me out!! I bet it is a thrilling read!


Lalycairn said...

This is so on my TBR list. At first I was not in favor, but after the reviews I've read I REALLY want to read it.

Ruby (Mouth) said...

I loved this book. I would liken it to Peretti's Piercing the Darkness, Oath, and This Present Darkenss. It is a creepy and dasrk ride, not meant for the weak at heart or stomach, but if you are a fan of vampire books, it's quite a fun and thrilling read.

Davo said...

Vampires, spiritual warfare, creepy, sounds good to me, always looking forward to these types of books, sound good to me!

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