Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Coming in 2010 from Brock & Bodie Thoene and Harvest House

I am delighted to discover this new series from Bodie & Brock Thoene that will fill in the gap between their brilliant Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles series, which they wrote from 1986 to 1991.

The Zion Memoirs will be published by Harvest House and the first book, Evensong, will release in April, 2010.

I'd love to hear from those who have read the first two series ~ which character are you wanting to find out about the most?


Evensong by Bodie & Brock Thoene

At last! Cushioned between the beloved Zion Covenant and Zion Chronicles is a brand-new series for first-time readers and the millions who loved the first two series by Bodie and Brock Thoene. In Evensong, the first book in The Zion Memoirs Series, the Thoenes again share the drama and passion of love and hope during World War II.

Lori Kalner, the daughter of a German evangelical pastor, barely escapes Nazi Germany and sails to England on the last refugee ship with the baby of another woman in her arms. But is she really safer there once Nazi bombers cross the Channel and begin to drop their deadly cargo on London? Will she and Jacob be reunited?

Filled with faith and courage, Lori’s personal stories during a time when England withstood one of its most serious tests will inspire and renew hope in the heart of every reader.


Jen said...

My all time favourite series. Can't wait to read the new series and find out what happened to everybody!

Anonymous said...

I have tried and tried to find info on Evensong - when it will be released and where it can be purchased and I am not finding anything. Do you have any information?


Rel said...

Rachelle, it has dropped off the radar, hasn't it. I have sent an email to a contact and will let you know if I hear anything.

Thanks :)

Rel said...

Okay, Rachelle, here is the official word from Harvest House:~

“Harvest House will not be publishing Evensong and subsequent books in the Zion Memoirs Series or Galway Chronicles. This was the decision that was made after extended discussions with the authors.”

Not what you wanted to hear, I suppose, but reading between the lines, I'm guessing they will be published elsewhere at sometime!

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