Sunday, 27 September 2009

Love's Rescue by Tammy Barley

A Dividing Conflict

In 1863, the War Between the States is dividing more than just a nation. To escape the conflict, Jessica Hale and her family flee their Kentucky homestead and head for the Nevada Territory. Her brother, Ambrose, committed to the Confederates, rejoins the Kentucky militia and is disowned by his father. But the worst is yet to come.

The Heroic Kidnapper

When Unionists presume the family to be Confederate sympathizers, they set a devastating fire to their home. All alone and then "kidnapped" by cattleman Jake Bennett, Jessica is taken to a ranch deep in the Sierra Nevada wilderness. But, can Jessica overcome her resentment toward Jake for failing to save her family?

The Depths of Love

When Jake launches a plan to help Jessica's brother escape from prison camp, she sees him for the honest, good-hearted Christian man that he is and now knows the depth of his love for her. Through the lingering smoke and smoldering ashes from her ruined home and murdered family, will Jessica see a future with Jake?

My take:~

Tammy Barley has created intriguing characters, a multi layered, suspenseful plot and a sweet romance in her recently released historical novel, Love’s Rescue. Family tragedy and suspicions generated by the Civil War, permeate this story alongside the conflict and attraction that Jessica and Jake battle. Fascinating insight into the Paiute Indians as they adjusted to changes wrought by the new settlers adds to the depth of this tale. Love’s Rescue is a solid debut by this author and should garner her a faithful following.

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CeeCee said...

As always, a great review! I used this book in a title-story feature on my blog.

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