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Character Spotlight ~ Robin Caroll's Brannon Callahan & Roark Holland

Today the spotlight shines on.........................Brannon Callahan & Roark Holland

Robin Caroll's romantic suspense novel, Deliver Us From Evil is one of my favourite reads this year, one reason being her female lead character SAR pilot, Brannon Callahan! I've been hanging out to bring you this spotlight ~ enjoy!

Over to you, Robin:~

Brief physical description

Brannon Callahan's most distinguishing feature are her eyes--they're mismatched. One blue, one green. Striking. Stunning. And very expressive.

Roark Holland is a dream--defining tall, dark and handsome. Yet, he has a fresh scar on his face, which bodes the question--What happened to him?

Actor/famous person

Brannon and Roark came to me after the storyline stuck in me, so I wrote the book without a “physical guide” to the characters.

Brannon and Roark revealed themselves to me in such a unique way, I know exactly how they look in my mind, but to try and describe doesn't do them justice.

Rel: I'm taking a stab. How about a more serious Debra Messing?!

Strengths and weaknesses

Brannon's strengths really spoke to me when writing her. She's founded in faith, but that didn't come easily for her. No, she's suffered great loss, but it made her stronger, more determined to make a difference in life. And she has.

Roark's an alpha male hero, all the way, yet he's allowed his flaws--his weaknesses--to hold him back. He's sensitive and has such a heart, but has all this past baggage that has paralysed his forward progress.

Introducing Brannon and Roark to one another was quite the adventure. They're perfect for one another in that they see past the outward projection of the other, seeing into their trueness. And they should have a happily ever after…if they'll stop bickering long enough. lol

Rel:~ Colombian actor Rafael Novoa, although he is looking a little more scruffy than I imagine Mr US Marshal Roark might be comfortable with ;-) I was tempted to put up a pic of my hubby but he might not have forgiven me - hehehe!

Quirk (if any)

All people have quirks (even if they aren't apparent to the outside observer) and Brannon and Roark are VERY much people. At least in my mind. LOL An example is Brannon's chewing on the side of her nail when she's upset, frustrated, or worried.

As for Roark's and Brannon's other quirks, you'll have to read the book and get to know them to find their quirks, just as you uncover people's quirks in real life as you get to know them.

Your inspiration for the character

The characters didn't grab me first…the storyline did. I watched a special on child trafficking that wouldn't let me go. I tried to turn off the program because it was so offensive to me, yet I couldn't. Months later, the story still held me in its grip. So the plot came before the characters…but once I had my plot, I knew I had to find strong, sensitive and alive characters to tell the story. Brannon came to me first--and her name was lent to me by my grandmother. Roark took a little longer to reveal himself to me. But once he did--oh, man…I had to hold onto my hat.

Background to the story

Once the issue of the story had me, I began to do research. And found myself sick. That human trafficking, specifically children, occurs so frequently in this day and time appalled me. I hope that the book makes readers aware of the situation and shows that even one person can make a difference.

Way to go, Robin! I love your characters...bring on Lincoln's story!! Thanks for sharing with us :)

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Dineen A. Miller said...

Wait until you read books 2 and 3, Rel. You're gonna love those characters too!

Rel said...

I'm sure I am , Dineen! Lincoln is already a keeper from this book - can't wait to see him come into his own :) Thx for dropping by.

ReadingRobin said...

Rel I can't wait to get my copy after reading your spotlight!! Thanks again!

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